We had an amazing impromptu meetup for Tastebuds users at The Slaughtered Lamb – great people, lots of fun, more than two dozen users mingling.. we’ll have more meetups like this very soon! Scroll down for guerilla pics from weird angles!


The Slaughtered Lamb – a great little pub on Great Sutton Street near the Barbican and Farringdon tube stations. Would you think they’re all Tastebuds fans?


@Alex, @planetdamage and @themire (from left to right) being there early as always, waiting for the USERS OF ROCK! Notice the Men in Black clones outside – even elite bodyguyards have the right to listen to good stuff and share it on Le Buds Boards!

What would you think about having a Tastebuds meetup every second Thursday? Because this is the thought we woke up with after our first meetup this year (here’s the Tastebuds event page for the May 2nd event!) – meeting YOU in person, in the flesh was such a great experience that we thought we’ll need to have this regularly!

So many things happened on our first meetup! We are aware that..

  • ..Damage didn’t pull his magical stunt of drinking energy drinks and/or coffees through his eyesockets
  • guys wanted Tastebuds T-shirts so a limited run of freshly baked garment goodness will be available soon
  • ..we ended up with a looooong game of finding the best lineup for musician drinking buddies (Trent Reznor, Shirley Garbage and Alice Cooper being three we all agreed on!)
  • ..Julian is really from Cyprus, whatever else you would believe is totally wrong!


Do you have any photos, Instagrams or sneaky videos from last night? Plese do share it with us either in the Tastebuds meetups forum thread or send it to!