There’s no science to getting your end away at music festivals. Or is there? We’ve been trawling user data and we’ve come up with results that will interest those of you hoping to get lucky. (Because let’s face it, by day two of Glastonbury you’ll be so desperate to escape the mud, hippies and crappy indie rock you’ll probably be up for anything.)

We’ve discovered that fans of some bands playing this year’s festival are dramatically more likely to drop their trousers on first meeting than others. How do we know? Well, we surveyed the community about their dating habits – anonymously, of course – and mashed that data up with what we know about their musical preferences. Then, we matched that to the bands playing Glastonbury 2011. Here are the results.

(Methodology note: In some cases, we’ve limited searches to the main stages and dropped any acts we didn’t have sufficient data for.)

First of all, let’s look at which bands have the most male and the most female fans. We can’t all be like Woody Allen and double our chance of a date by going AC-DC, but we can at least give ourselves a fighting chance by heading into a crowd filled with our gender of choice.

Act with the most male fans: DJ Shadow

By a considerable margin, DJ Shadow and the Wu-Tang Clan are the most popular acts with boys. (The promisingly named Big Boi comes in a disappointing tenth.) So if you’re a lady looking for a hip-hop or rap loving lad, you know where to go.

At the time of posting, DJ Shadow was due to be playing the John Peel at 22:30 on Friday, while the Wu-Tang Clan are due on at the Pyramid at 15:00 on Friday.

Act with the most female fans: Paolo Nutini

Less of a violent jump here, but still a clear winner, it’s the dulcet tones of Paisley-born singer-songwriter Paolo Nutini. Something about this Scottish sensation evidently drives the girls crazy, so if you can bear music the Guardian calls “jaunty enough to make you retch”, his set might just be the perfect time to scope out the talent.

Alternatively, there’s cute little popstrel Jessie J or the soft folk intonations of Mumford and Sons. Aaaah.

Paolo Nutini is scheduled to be playing the Pyramid at 18:30 on Saturday.
Jessie J is playing the Other at 15:00 on Saturday.
Mumford and Sons are due on the Other at 22:45 on Friday.

Act whose fans are most likely to put out on first meeting: Wu-Tang Clan

Using our patented Sexual Liberation Index™ (or SINdex, if you will), we’ve worked out whose fans are the loosest in the bedroom. (Or tent, in this case.) And the winner is… Wu-Tang Clan, whose fans are most likely to say yes to an indecent proposal on first meeting. That’s good news for randy ladies, since the Clan also have the second-most male fans.

The soulful and – we thought – fairly safe B.B. King is the big surprise here. Maybe it’s those cool bluesy riffs? Less surprising is the Chemical Brothers, for whom Dig Your Own Hole is evidently more that just an album title.

B. B. King is playing the Pyramid at 16:30 on Friday.
The Chemical Brothers are on the Other at 22:30 on Saturday.

Too much like hard work?

So far so good. But supposing you’re too lazy or too stoned to keep scooting off to different bits of Worth Farm every hour? Good news: is here to help. Here’s our guide to the randiest of the main stages on each day of the festival.

Friday: Pyramid, with an overall SINdex of 2.37, versus the Other Stage’s 2.28
Saturday: Other Stage, with an overall SINdex of 2.39, versus the Pyramid’s 2.22
Sunday: Other Stage, with an overall SINdex of 2.41, versus the Pyramid’s 2.31

Across the whole weekend, factoring in all bands, the Other Stage just pips the Pyramid, by 0.04 on the SINdex.

So there you have it. Happy hunting. And remember, if the night of your life in Glasto fails to turn into the love of your life back home, you can always come back to and try your luck with someone whose musical tastes match your own.

Want to let us know what you think of the results, or have an idea for another survey? We’d love to hear from you – leave a comment below or get in touch at