All our users have voices to be heard and stories to tell – and this is finally the time to start introducing you to our community members. There are dozens of small groups, communities, games and projects hiding below the surface and we want to give them some exposure. Our tenth community member to interview is @themire – one of the Tastebuds founders himself!

1. Hey there Julian! Please introduce yourself to the community, tell us a little bit more about yourself!
Hi there! I’m Julian, one of the founders of Tastebuds. I spend most of my time working on Tastebuds as you can imagine, but in my spare time I try to listen to a bit of music, play the guitar and enjoy a nice pint (or two) of Guinness every now and then.

2. Staccato questions about music!

  • What’s the furthest you’ve gone to a gig..?
    I’ve travelled abroad to festivals a few times, to Primavera, Reading and Sziget in Budapest if that counts!
  • Have you ever cancelled a flight to go to a gig?
    Not yet.
  • ..or skipped an exam?
  • Has music ever made you a friend?
    Yep, loads. Particularly other musician friends.
  • When were you last disappointed with a musician?
    I’ve been at a few gigs where the lead singer has got into a sulk and walked off early which is always a bit annoying.
  • Have you ever written/been written a song?
    I’ve written plenty, mostly instrumental though. I don’t believe I’ve been written one yet though, harumph!
  • Have you ever stumbled upon music somewhere you weren’t expecting it?
    Hmm, tough one..
  • When was the last time you cried over music?
    Ooh. Not since my impressionable teenage years, I think!
  • Is there any activity that you can’t do by music?
    Not that I can think of. Working/studying have to be done to particular types of music though, probably instrumental.
  • What are the bands, musicians, genres that you’ve taken with you as a family heritage?
    A lot of my family play traditional Irish music, my grandfather used to release his own tapes of his playing, so if anything, it’s that.
  • 3. What’s your best story that relates to one specific piece of music (and what would that be)?
    I’ll always remember singing the “Rain Down” bit to Paranoid Android by Radiohead seeing them live in 1997 in Dublin, under the rain, the first time I’d heard that song.

    4. Can you share a playlist with us of your favourite stuff? (YouTube, Spotify, anything goes! If so, what’s there to know about that playlist?)
    Here are some of my Loved Tracks on – they’re from a few years ago but still probably represent my style.

    5. Recommend us some new platforms or ways to find new music on!
    Recently I’ve been using BBC 6 Music, the Pitchfork Spotify app and Spotify radio. There are countless tools for music discovery out there now, but I still find it a challenge sometimes.

    6. What are 3 AMAZING non-music works of art that you’ve digested recently? (Books, films, fashion, anything!)
    I’d definitely recommend the documentary Searching for Sugar Man about the singer Rodriguez. I’ve also been re-reading High Fidelity, a timeless classic!

    7. Where and how does music and your professional life intertwine?
    Quite a fair bit, I guess! The motivation behind Tastebuds – to bring music lovers together – is not much different today to what it was on day one.

    8. This game came up at the April Tastebuds meetup – at a table of six which musicians would be your ideal drinking buddies? (Could be alive, dead or even undead!)
    I reckon Jim Morrison, Keith Richards, Jimi Hendrix, Louis Armstrong and Johnny Cash would probably have a lot to say to each other.

    9. How did you find Tastebuds and what do you like most about it?
    I guess how I found it is obvious 🙂 What I like most about it is probably our kick-ass community!

    10. Which Tastebuds user should we make the next mini-interview with and why?
    Milo – the Tastebuds designer! Because I know he’d give some quirky answers.

    11. Give him two extra questions!

    • Describe yourself in 4 words.
    • What is your REAL name??

    Ten episodes into our user interview series, the team would like to thank everyone involved – all the people we’ve asked questions from, all who talked to us and all who read the stories… your feedbacks kept us going and there’s a whole bag of surprises where this came from.. stay tuned!