All our users have voices to be heard and stories to tell – and this is finally the time to start introducing you to our community members. There are dozens of small groups, communities, games and projects hiding below the surface and we want to give them some exposure. Our third amazing user to interview is @Ricar who’s a Mayan culture expert and he’s also working on his first novel!


1. Hey there Ricardo! Please introduce yourself to the community, tell us a little bit more about yourself.
It’s very difficult to describe oneself, and not seem stupid or arrogant at the same time, hehe.. probably that’s the reason CVs are quite rigid in their structure? Anyway, I think it’s better if I just tell you that I studied Art History and now I’m an archaeologist and, strange as it may sees, given the current situation, I found work in Spain! But really my expertise is in Mayan archaeology, so I’ve lived long enough between Mexico and Guatemala, and I’m “finishing” my PhD. in that field.

2. How much music do you listen to a day and what gear do you use?
Well, I mostly listen to music when I’m at home or in the car when I’m driving (and sometimes I do it way more than I wish, I mean driving, not listening to music). At home I use the computer and in the car I connect my iPhone to the speakers. I don’t use headphones usually, only when I travel on public transport.

3. What does music give you that other art forms can’t?
I think that any form of art can lead to experiencing the same feeling at any given time. One of the best things about music is that accompanies us at any time, and of course everything is much better with a good soundtrack – life, too! Personally, I really need music when I’m working in the office or at home, drawing or writing, it helps me to keep my focus and it can be very inspiring, although I have to point out that when I write, I prefer to listen to instrumental music, classical, OST or electronic, depending on what I have to write, otherwise lyrics distract me and they make me
forget what I’m writing..

4. What’s your favourite album? (If you can say why, all the better!)
I guess I would have been totally unable to answer this question a few years ago, but now I would say Vivalaguerra, by Standstill. But hey, I just can’t wait to listen to the new album coming out next month! And to this new tour in a few weeks, their shows are really spectacular!

5. How do you find new music, new bands, where do you go to find new stuff?
Lots of ways, and I have to admit Tastebuds is a really good option. I also use Spotify and follow the recommendations of some of my friends (but only some of them, ha, ha). Anyway I think the best way to discover new music is at festivals or concerts. I don’t listen to the radio, because the radio stations here are shit.


6. Tell us three non-music works of art that you’ve digested recently and we need to sample them! Books, films, fashion, whatever! Bring it on!

  • Well, because of my job, the most part of the art and artcraft I see is not very current… But I want to show you a sculpture of a Mayan archaeological site in which I was working in the jungle of Petén in Guatemala.
  • ricardo-pic01

  • I’m a comic book lover, so I would recommend at least one, there are some new comics that I love, like The Massive by Brian Wood or Saga by Vaughan and Staples, but i’ll just pick one, the newest with an awesome motto : “Science is the New Rock ‘n’ Roll”, and it’s Nowhere Men by Eric Stephenson and Nate Bellegarde.
  • ricardo-science

  • And well, everything my dear friend Nacho Yagüe does is amazing, his illustrations in both media, traditional and digital, are absolutely great, and his work as Concept Artist for Ubisoft is excellent, so you should check it out!

7. How did you find Tastebuds and what do you like most about it?
Mmm, I’m not sure… I don’t know if my memory is becoming more selective or if I’m becoming dumber with years, probably both! But I’m pretty sure I was looking for some gig info… Anyway, I think it’s a good way to meet some nice people and discover new music. Actually, I think an affinity in musical taste is a good way to find like-minded people. And, because of my work I tend to move a lot, so it’s a good way to find people to enjoy a gig or a festival.

8. Freestyle question – tell us about anything you’d like to talk about!
I loved to read since I was a child, I always read everything that fell into my hands: books, comics, shampoo labels… everything. So the next step was writing, not what I usually write (scientific articles that only a few people are interested in), but a novel.
A thriller related to Mayan culture, archaeological looting, about a trip around the world and down the Mayan Underworld; and sex, drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll! So, what more could you want? And well, funny work is done, now I need to get a publisher… Maybe one day, or at least I hope so.

9. Which Tastebuds user should we make the next mini-interview with and why?
Instead of picking someone, I’d love to ask a question – I’d love to pick the person for the next interview who sends me the most surprising reply!

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What’s the most bizarre disc cover you’ve ever seen?

Oh, man, the sculpture at the Petén dig site looks marvelous! Wishing you the best with your work and we’d love to read your book real soon on Kindle! Thanks for the interview!

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