All our users have voices to be heard and stories to tell – and this is finally the time to start introducing you to our community members. There are dozens of small groups, communities, games and projects hiding below the surface and we want to give them some exposure. Our fourth amazing user to interview is @Polyphonics – musician, nerd and a lover of Fender Jazz Bass!

1. Hey there Monsieur Polyphonics! Please introduce yourself to the community, tell us a little bit more about yourself.
Hey everyone! My name is Hector, also referable to my username Polyphonics. Professional procrastinator at your service. Nerdy by nature and introverted. I’m 24, on again off again musician, and currently nomadic traveler.

2. How much music do you listen to a day and what’s the best ideal circumstance/environment to listen to music?
Hmm… I would say that on any given day I usually listen to a minimum of one hour and upwards of four hours of music on shuffle. As for listening environment, listening to music while driving certainly go hand in hand. Now, if a song really catches my attention I like to put on my headphones and take the time to analyze the song using music theory (tempo, key signature, etc).

3. What does music give you that other art forms can’t?
Forget the morning cup of coffee. I use music to get myself out of bed and help set the mood for the day. No other art form gives me the same effect. I certainly can’t look at wonderful Van Gogh and say, “Ah yes. Riveting!” and jump out of bed. Nor could I read an inspirational quote for the same effect. Music gives humanity a way of expressing feelings and emotions words alone fail to convey.

“Jammin’ out with fellow musician and long-time friend Zack (GingerLoaf) in guitar. It’s been an amazing experience to work with such a talented guy.”

4. What’s your favourite album? (If you can say why, all the better!)
Oh goodness! Without hesitation I say Interpol‘s debut album, Turn On the Bright Lights. I could still listen to it from beginning to end even ten years after it’s release. I just love the balance in sound. Powerful contributions by all members. This was a point and time in my life where I was trying to decide if I would play guitar or bass. I didn’t think much longer after listening to the album in its entirety. Bass. More specifically, Fender Jazz Bass with Ampeg amps.

5. How do you find new music, new bands, where do you go to find new stuff?
I know it’s kind of gone by the wayside since Spotify came along, but I still rely heavily on Pandora for new music discovery. I’ve put a great deal of work into telling Pandora what I like and don’t like. It’s still a very rewarding feeling to hear something new that gives me the chills.

6. Tell us three non-music works of art that you’ve digested recently and we need to sample them! Books, films, fashion, whatever! Bring it on!
Hey! Well those are three forms of non-music media there. I’ll go with those.

  • Books: Big fan of comics. Marvel’s recent offering, Age of Ultron is delivering the goods. Countless heroes slain and it’s getting more desperate by the hour. Not your average “good guy saves the day” romp. That’s for sure.
  • Films: Iron Man 3. Already released internationally to good critical reception. Tons of action with a very compelling storyline. Plus, we finally see the sinister Mandarin in action!
  • Fashion: Well I did say all three, right? This one is actually pretty easy, While it doesn’t personally offer me much in the way of fashion tips, I still find the articles provide a high degree of entertainment. I definite recommendation if you seek both. Their interview with Morrissey was excellent.

7. How did you find Tastebuds and what do you like most about it?
It all started with my frustration of a certain social network juggernaut. I just wanted to find a place where I could meet new people that shared my interest. I mean, who doesn’t love music!? What I like about Tastebuds is that it allows my musical interest to become a bridge that connects me such wonderful and interesting individuals I would have never met before. It’s a really great way to break the ice if you find yourself shy at times. You may even find yourself having a less music-centralized conversations. Movies, books, politics, religion, or just random silliness. It’s been a great experience.

8. Pop culture predictions in 2013?
I’m terrible at making predictions, but I’ll give it a go. Let’s see: Much less music K-pop. More books will become mediocre movies. Funny/cute cats will be featured on YouTube and your friends will force you to watch them. Apple will release another top-selling trendy item only to replace it with a sleeker trendier version mere months after its release. Oh! The return of Arrested Development!

9. What is the most surprising game that you’ve played recently?
Well the current gaming market is flooded with sequels. I expected repetitiveness from Forza 4, but it’s a surprising improvement from its predecessor. More cars to collect and beautiful tracks to race in. There’s nothing more exhilarating than burning some digital rubber. It is best racing simulator out there right now.

10. Which Tastebuds user should we make the next mini-interview with and why?
This is the easiest question I’ve ever had to answer. She is by far the kindest, sweetest, hardest working person I’ve ever met: Charlotte (@annaCharlotte). I can go on indefinitely with compliments really. We became acquainted here on Tastebuds and I can’t even begin to share how immensely happy I am because of it. She’s the best!

Thank you for the interview, Hector – great hints and recommendations there, hoping to see you playing at a festival near us! ROCK!

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