All our users have voices to be heard and stories to tell – and this is finally the time to start introducing you to our community members. There are dozens of small groups, communities, games and projects hiding below the surface and we want to give them some exposure. Our eleventh community member to interview is @jorge757 – you might have already read his amazing post about Spanish indie bands you need to know – now he has more stories and bands on offer!

1. Hey there Jorge! Please introduce yourself to the community, tell us a little bit more about yourself!
Well, I was born in Valencia in the worst time that a Bob Dylan fan can be born: the 80’s. I’m a journalist, I write about music for and I work on many things related to social media and online marketing. Also, sometimes I play guitar and try to prove the Universe that I’m not such a bad cook. Not at the same time. As Calamaro said: I am very sensitive to beauty.

2. Staccato questions about music!

  • What’s the furthest you’ve gone to a gig..?
    I haven’t gone too far to a gig, I’ve travelled always in Spain. Anyway, I went to Sevilla (about 550 km) to see Nacho Vegas, and also I travelled to Barcelona a few times to see The Drones and Dylan.
  • Have you ever cancelled a flight to go to a gig?
    Nope. At least until now.
  • ..or skipped an exam?
    I have not skipped any exams, but a couple of years ago I went to the FIB (Festival Internacional de Benicàssim), and the next day I had to expose the end of a master project. I got a 10/10 BTW, so I think it was a good strategy.
  • Has music ever made you a friend?
    Yeah, a few. When you get older, music is your social salvation.
  • When were you last disappointed with a musician?
    I was very disappointed when I saw the latest Schweppes advertising starring Iggy Pop. Punk is dead. And only for a bunch of dollars.
  • Have you ever written/been written a song?
    Yes, I have written some things on my acoustic guitar and we could agree: they are songs. With many quotes, though, but songs alright. They are all dedicated to women. Bon Iver’s debut style.
  • Have you ever stumbled upon music somewhere you weren’t expecting it?
    It was in the subway of my city. I always wanted to meet the woman who announces the next stop, and now I also wanna know the subway DJ.
  • When was the last time you cried over music?
    At the Bob Dylan gig in Barcelona a couple of years ago.
  • Is there any activity that you can’t do by music?
    Nope, nothing. Impossible. I have developed the ability to do anything by music. Or the awkwardness of not being able to do anything without music. In my student days I got good grades studying by music. I think that explains why I remember the songs but not what I was studying.
  • What are the bands, musicians, genres that you’ve taken with you as a family heritage?
    Bob Dylan. In fact, it is a real heritage. The first Dylan album I heard was a cassette (yes, a cassette) from my parents – it was Desire. A genre… Maybe the punk of The Ramones or The Doors, old-style rock – thanks to the music acquisitions of my older brother.

3. What’s your best story that relates to one specific piece of music (and what would that be)?
I got bored in my first class at the Faculty of Journalism (back in the Pleistocene), and I did not know many people yet, so I found myself writing some song lyrics on the desk. The song was “Golpes de pecho“, by Hora Zulu (at that time I was like that, don’t blame me). I still remember those lyrics, saying something like: “instructed by impatient teachers, the poor one hears that this is the best world, and that the leak from the ceiling of his room was foreseen by God in person”. It was a quote from Bertolt Brecht, I guess. The fact is that after some time one of my best college friends told me he read something strange on his desk. That was me.

4. Can you share a playlist with us of your favourite stuff? (YouTube, Spotify, anything goes! If so, what’s there to know about that playlist?)
Sure. This is a playlist of the (best) songs of my 2012. I have a terrible memory, so I need it just to remember what happened during the last year.

5. Recommend us some new platforms or ways to find new music on!
The truth is: I’m a Spotify-holic. For new music which later I’ll look for in Spotify what I recommend is reading magazines from different countries and styles. Man doesn’t live only for Pitchfork. I also loved Pandora, but now it is limited to U.S., Australia and New Zealand. Pity.

6. What are 3 AMAZING non-music works of art that you’ve digested recently? (Books, films, fashion, anything!)
I just realized that I can’t escape from music because I was going to say that I’m reading a biography about the Buckleys (Tim and Jeff), and I recently enjoyed Rodriguez’s documentary, ‘Searching for Sugar Man‘. The other day I also bought the first season of “Luther,” a British series that I highly recommend.

7. Where and how does music and your professional life intertwine?
Music and my professional life intertwine at the time I come to the office, turn on my computer and open the music player.

8. This game came up at the April Tastebuds meetup – at a table of six which musicians would be your ideal drinking buddies? (Could be alive, dead or even undead!)
Well, I think I’d choose these group: Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Cat Power, Gareth Liddiard, Johnny Cash and the bassist of a Spanish band I saw last Saturday live: Monoh.

9. How did you find Tastebuds and what do you like most about it?
I found it in the apps section of Spotify. What I like most is that little small section down at the Tastebuds profile: the turnoffs. Haters should make a statue to the person who thought about it and put it there.


  • What social network do you like best of all and why?
    I love Twitter because it promotes the synthesis and creativity, and protects your privacy better than Facebook, for example. It is also a good indicator for social movements and trends. You can find me at @_jorgesalas_.
  • What do you usually listen in the morning? Radio? Podcasts? Special playlist? Or something else?
    Normally I hear new album lists that I do not have time to listen (for reviewing at Muzikalia or just for personal pleasure). Sometimes I hear some podcasts on a Spanish radio called Radio 3. I also like the streaming music of They saved so many mornings for me.

10. Which Tastebuds user should we make the next mini-interview with and why?
I’d say @Snowfields. Why? I randomly visited her profile, and she hasgreat music taste and her first pic makes it clear that there’s noone who could hold an envelope better than her. Also, I’ve seen that she likes Omar Little (The Wire). Sure she have many interesting things to tell.

Give @Snowfields two extra questions that you have for her!

  • How soon is now?… And what’s your favourite Smiths song?
  • Do you believe in marriage after a nuclear holocaust?

Thank you for the interview, Jorge – wishing you more Dylan all the way in the upcoming years, the best of success with Muzikalia and ROCK OUT with the spirit of blues, contour and bass!