All our users have voices to be heard and stories to tell – and this is finally the time to start introducing you to our community members. There are dozens of small groups, communities, games and projects hiding below the surface and we want to give them some exposure. Our second amazing user to interview is @Diamondflamer who decided to turn the Tastebuds profile questions into games! Complete mega ROCK!

Meet Emily a.k.a. Diamondflamer, the second amazing user who's giving us an interview on what she does on and outside of Tastebuds!

1. Hey there Emily! Please introduce yourself to the community, tell us a little bit more about yourself.
I’m Em, a full time mum and animal sciences degree student from Northampton. I am passionate about many things outside of the biological sciences and one of those is music.

2. How much music do you listen to a day and what gear do you use?
I listen for at least an hour a day. Always while I am cooking I am either listening to the radio or playing music from my iPod that I plug into the radio. When I am out and about on my own I tend to be wired into my iPod, too. Sometimes I also like to unwind by listening to some old vinyls.

3. What does music give you that other art forms can’t?
Music is great as you can do other things whilst enjoying it. It can just be background noise or something to enhance whatever else you’re doing. Like other art forms it also has the ability to effect my mood, make me think, even challenge me sometimes. Sometimes it’s just a good beat to dance to. There’s a kind of music for every situation and mood and something you can experience alone as well as with others.


4. What’s your favourite album? (If you can say why, all the better!)
Just one? Damn.. I am not really one for whole albums, more songs, but there are a couple that have stuck with me over the years that I can listen to the whole way through. The first to pop into my head is Pink Floyd’s Wish you were here. It’s a masterpiece. It flows perfectly from start to finish and has such a mellowing effect on me.

5. How do you find new music, new bands, where do you go to find new stuff?
Tastebuds! Seriously.. I’ve discovered so much on here. I also ask friends what they’re listening to and occasionally listen to Radio 1 and Radio 6. Sometimes friends post songs they’re into on Facebook too and I always have a listen to them if it’s something I’ve never heard before. I’m like a sponge for all the new and shiny things.

6. Tell us three non-music works of art that you’ve digested recently and we need to sample them! Books, films, fashion, whatever! Bring it on!
Why the mantis shrimp is my new favourite animal by TheOatmeal
This beautiful video of starlings swarming:

The great photography in National Geographic magazine. There’s always some amazing stuff in there and photography is another of my passions.

7. How did you find Tastebuds and what do you like most about it?
I actually found it through StumbleUpon. I love the community and how easy it is to discover new music.

8. Freestyle question – tell us about anything you’d like to talk about!
I LOVE insects and want to work with them professionally. Did you know that without them we would have NO food and the world would be covered in poo? They’re also stunningly strange and beautiful and one of my favourite things to photograph.

I also love the different ways of interacting with other users. I decided to take the profile question thing a step further recently and have started asking music related trivia questions. The first person to send me a correct answer gets sent a small prize. It’s just something silly, but I hope it makes people smile. I am going to try and do it about once a week or so, but it may be a bit sporadic as my studies are quite full on.

9. Which Tastebuds user should we make the next mini-interview with and why?
This is a toughie.. I’ve interacted with a LOT of lovely people on here. I think I would have to say my friend joeydubya. He’s a cool dude and I know he’d give a good interview.

Emily, thank you so much for the interview – we really love how you use the site as an open playground and hope you’ll inspire more people to do the same! COMMIT MORE ACTS OF ROCK!

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