We’ve all heard about Kanye West and his ridiculous rants that seem to nurture his ballooning ego. Talking about his fashion career, being in a live-action Jetsons movie, starting his own media conglomerate.

All these ‘extra-curricular’ activities that musicians seem to consume themselves with are just so superfluous. Topping the charts is never enough for artists like Kanye West; they have to make a clothing line, a perfume line, shoes, trinkets, whatever they can put their name and face on. It brings to mind the scene in the movie Tropic Thunder where the fictional rapper Alpa Chino tries to sell his confectionary products.

Musicians these days seem to go beyond their music and turn themselves into brands, spokespersons for absurd products that are in no way aligned with their music.

And the worst thing is that these inane products could potentially be bad for their image, yet they clearly don’t seem to care. Ahh the pursuit of the Almighty Dollar.

So here are some examples of some real harebrained schemes by musicians:

6. Snoop Dogg’s Hot Dog Brand – Hot Doggs

So Snoop has been dabbling in food products for quite sometime now – he boasts his own range of foot long hot dogs! The worst thing is it doesn’t end there, nope not by a long shot. Snoop has already made plans to release his own Ice-cream brand ‘Snoop’s Scoop’.

Snoop has also been quoted as saying recently “I wanna launch a chain of supermarkets. I’m gonna call them Snoopermarkets.”

God help us ALL.

5. Carlos Santana Bobble-head

Wow this is actually not that bad a product, of course that’s if you’re a fan. This Bobble-head also rocks out a little tune of Oy Como Va – a Latino song performed by Tito Puente but popularized by the bobble-master himself.

4. Marilyn Manson’s brand of Absinthe – Mansinthe

We honestly weren’t aware of this product’s existence until a few days ago…kinda speechless. Endorsed by Marilyn Manson, available for purchase on the Absinthe website and awarded a gold medal at the 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Wait – a gold medal?! Perhaps it may be worth a try…

It’d be hilarious to see the goth-rocker advertising his product with a Betty White-esq individual on some cheesy infomercial. Of course Manson would have a vinyl leather apron, maybe we’d be able to see the George Foreman Grill in the background.

Or maybe Manson would try to cross over his product into his music. There could be a possibility of discovering the secret ingredients to his drink if you play the record backwards?

3. Hanson’s Brand Beer – MmmHop…..??

Before they were poised to rule the world with Beer

Seriously how old are these guys? Definitely old enough to drink beer now, then again we thought they were straight edge rockers…tapping into that niche of weeny rock fans. Either way their brand of lame-ass beer comes out sometime this year.

Zac the drummer was quoted as saying:

“It’s vital our fans trust in everything Hanson do. We are soon going to be selling our own beer”.

Yeah, good luck with that one…

2. Usher Perfume Line for Women – Usher She

A Christmas present to the Beeb?

We always wondered why celebrities aligned their names to perfume products. It didn’t make any sense; did the endorser actually come up with the smell they wanted for the perfume line, did they have a hand in its manufacturing? Of course the perfume will smell half decent, but where’s the association?

Then again Usher She fits into a whole cosmetic range – he’s got body butter, lather body wash, the whole shebang. We’d like to think Usher tests all the products he endorses himself, men’s and women’s line. This is why he’s too busy to make any more music.

1. Yung Juc – Rap Snacks

First time we heard of this guy was when we found out about his ridiculous Rap snack. Not through his music, which is supposedly what he’s known for. Maybe that’s why he decided to dabble in food products, his rapping was crap.

Who in their right mind would purchase Honey Dew flavored cheese curls that cost $9.99 a bag? Who the hell wants a 4 pound bag of this crap?