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Top 6 Gangnam Style Remixes

It’s been a HUGE year for ‘Gangnam Style’ star PSY ending with a nomination for TIME Person Of The Year 2012. In honour of the Korean superstar we’ve put together a list of the best remixes and parodies for the most watched video on YouTube EVER. Brace yourselves – some of these mutations are designed to burn into your retinas FOREVER!


The Cotton Eye Joe versions might lie bleeding in the ditch but this one’s a killer – Jervy Hou‘s version is ticking somewhere at 25 million views. Asian hotties with neon plastic gunslingerism on a beach? Hit us with that any time.


South Korea meets Slimer! This is one cross-cultural mashup that brings us Bill “Already Got Killed in Zombieland” Murray, a cheesy wink at the supernatural and a stompy-steady bassline – surprisingly only at 1.2 million!


daneboe‘s 8-bit version is a short, condensed and cheeky take on the party hit – dancers usually don’t react to it well, but the chiptune crowd definitely goes crowdsurfing over this. 3.6 million views so far!


331Erock is clearly a MACHINE OF ROCK – you feed him any piece of music, he turns it into massive shredding. We got to like him a lot around his insane rehash of the Skyrim theme song – his version of Gangnam style is still around the 4 mil mark on YouTube.


Mainstream diva meets mainstream horserider meets Christian iconography! Does that sound weird? We hope it does. The Lady Gaga/PSY mashup definitely won over Rihanna‘s version at the Tastebuds HQ.


Everything is better with a couple ten thousand bouncy ladies – hardstyle is the key ingredient! Bass Blaster‘s 150BPMish version of the cult classic is, in itself, another cult classic!

Are we missing any of your favourites? Let us know in the comments!

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