What does it mean when someone says they are a hopeless romantic?

Generally, a hopeless romantic is a person who aspires to meet “the one”. Consider someone who lives by the “follow your heart” saying and who puts love and their emotions first.

We all know someone like this, and even if you have the heart of a mountain troll it’s always great once in a while to flirt with being a hopeless romantic and immersing one’s self in the idea that love conquers all.

So for Valentine’s Day, we thought it’d be funny to bust out a list of some really cheesy and sappy love songs. We like to think that both groups can enjoy this list. For the hopeless romantic these lyrics should inspire visions of romantic grandeur, and the pragmatic lovers can relish in the cheese of the lyrics and tunes.

So here’s the list, enjoy!

Foreigner – I Wanna Know What Love Is

This song is ACHINGLY beautiful, haters can hate but rest assured this song will always exist as one of those powerful albeit cheesy love songs. Made in 1984 this classic chart topper and adult contemporary hit should be played at any 80’s party for couples and singles to enjoy.

Wham! – Careless Whisper

Written by the G-man when he was 17, this love song is famously known for its super sensual sax riff. Co-written with Andrew Ridgeley and released in 1984, this track was a huge hit worldwide and melted the coldest of hearts with George Michael’s brand of camp happy-go-lucky vocals the romantic holidays would’ve been great in the 80’s.

Peter Cetera – Glory of Love

This awesome power love song appeared on the Karate Kid TWO movie.

Chris Deburgh – Lady In Red

A Patrick Bateman favorite, who else can’t picture an 80’s executive listening to this track on his brand new Walkman as he contemplates his latest murder of a prostitute.

Kiss – LoveGun

Great SONG, these guys are hilarious, who doesn’t chuckle when listening to songs by these ‘thunderrockers’. Virtually all their songs involve sex or relationships of some kind…a perfect band to listen to on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re wrestling down your partner’s well oiled body or just partying it up with buddies. Hey!…if they’re good enough for Bill & Ted they’re good enough for your V-day celebrations.

Electric Light OrchestraTelephone Line

We’ll always remember this song for that scene in Billy Madison where Steve Buscemi’s character puts lipstick on. Oh and its a pretty sweet love song too.

Hall & Oates – You Make My Dreams

This song has been quite a favorite in Hollywood films, and is just an all-round uplifting song. The kind of song you play when you stroll down the street after sealing the deal with that oh so special ladyyy.

Journey – Any Way You Want It!

Another fun-filled track to blast with your valentine. Surprise your partner by blasting this in the morning and coupling it with some air guitar riffs, festive Hawaiin shirts and fruity cocktails, why not try and have a tropical Valentine’s Day whilst everyone else is freezing their cojones.

Phil Collins & Philip Bailey – Easy Lover

The two Phils? This song is chock-full of CHEESE… how can you not love this song? Phil Collins teams up with Philip Bailey from Earth Wind and Fire to heat things up in this 1984 classic.

Tenacious D – Fuck Her Gently

This is one for those couples who give high-fives a lot, especially when Jack Black yells “That’s fucking teamwork”!

We’ve thrown them all together into one big fondu of a playlist on Spotify. You can check it on ShareMyPlaylists too. Happy Valentine’s Day!