So with all the reuniting of many bands that has occurred over the last couple of months we at Tastebuds decided to come up with our on list of bands/musical acts that we thought should get back together.

I guess it would be easy to spout some real obscure musical acts that never really left their underground scene but I think I’ll relegate that kind of list for someone else, I mean I could also just pick bands from genres that have pretty much died or as I like to call it remained dormant until a revivalist movement might commence, ie. Midwest Emo or No-Wave or Paisley Underground or G-Funk.

But I guess I really just wanted to compile a list of bands that broke up for their own reasons and how it happened when they were all at different stages of their careers.

It would be too obvious a route to mention such greats like The Beatles and The Kinks, and since I’m a dreamer even The Velvet Underground but I really wanted to compile a list of bands that should really reunite because they hadn’t really reached their full potential or gotten the recognition that they truly deserved. There will always be the greats that should get back together but I would always be worried that any prolonging of their career would just result in a wane of quality and credibility that I would be so sad to bear witness to.

But anyways heres the list, Hope you Enjoy;

10. Broadcast

This is an anomaly on our list as it is impossible for this band to get back together but I included them because they were terribly under-appreciated. I’m happy to say I was able to see these guys before the break-up.

The death of lead singer Trish Keenan at the beginning of 2011 brought about the tragic end of the eerie dream-pop outfit. Such a shame for a band that had been around since the mid-90’s who had last year been chosen by Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons asked to curate ATP in May 2010. Heavily influenced by the 60’s psychedelic band The United States of America and shoe-gaze band My Bloody Valentine as well as the likes of Serge Gainsbourg. The atmosphere that they created on their many tracks was out of this world; truly perfect sonic texture. R.I.P Trist Keenan.

Broadcast – Black cat

9. The Postal Service

I got into these guys even before I had ever heard of Death Cab for Cutie, which is kind of weird since Death Cab had been around since 1999 and the Postal Service album came out in 2003.

Named for the courier service that allowed them to trade song ideas while both of them were living in different parts of the country and collaborating on the album. Their one and only album would be on my list of albums that I can listen to back to front and never get bored of it. The fusion of Ben Gibbard’s voice and Jimmy Tamborello’s beats is incredible, allowing for an enjoyable Indie-tronic album.

Not to mention the other guest vocals on it, these guys brought forth an abundance of covers done by the likes of Iron and Wine and The Shins. Technically on indefinite hiatus, many fans eagerly await any news on a potential second album.

8. At the Drive-in

I’m sorry Mars Volta BUT THIS WAS THE SH*T. Other than De-loused in the Comatorium I never really took much notice of The Mars Volta BUT I will always remember At The Drive-in and the wicked ass energy that they put in every song. Unfortunately I didn’t get into them until they had broken up but I still listened to their tracks over and over, was never really a post-hardcore fan but these guys had something different.

Influenced by breakaway hardcore greats from the 90’s like Fugazi and Sunny Day Real Estate. Formed in 1994, by 2001 the band had gone on indefinite hiatus as the group had split into the Mars Volta and Sparta, by 2005 it seemed the hiatus was pretty much permanent to the dismay of their fans. Part of me would want to see what it would be like if they got back together but another part resents that as it maintains their status as Legends.


7. The Unicorns

One of the best Montreal based Canadian bands from the early 2000’s. Their blend of lo-fi Indie Pop was amazing when it came out. Songs like ‘I was Born a Unicorn’ and ‘Jellybones’ were just so much fun to listen to, they were able to create such an exuberant and quirky sound that mimicked their bizarre live shows which incorporated films, puppet shows and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Unfortunately it turned into a case where constant touring had taken its toll on the band and they split in 2005.

09 I Was Born (A Unicorn)

6. Test Icicles

Ahhh Test Icicles, what an incredible short-lived group. Coming out in 2004 as a result of forming impromptu gigs together, the Test Icicles came out during an incredible period of music (well I’d like to think so) during which dance-punk acts like Death From Above 1979 and White Rose Movement had trademarked a blend of garage rock and post-punk revival.

But these guys were different, they incorporated hardcore, metal and rapping into their songs, only releasing their only full length album ‘For Screening Purposes Only’. Sometimes it feels so surreal that it’s pretty much over half a decade that these guys were around. But when you have a band that collaborated just through a whim it’s never really the case that they’re gonna stay together. Interesting fact was that they didn’t even like the music they were making. SHAME.

5. N.W.A.

I wasn’t old enough to be really listen to these guys during their heyday but I grew up to appreciate their brand of West Coast Gangsta Rap. I simply wish that Easy-E had never died and they were able to do a comeback tour playing such a great tracks as ‘Straight Outta Compton’ and ‘F*ck The Police’. It was such a shame about the rift in the group and the huge beef created between Dr. Dre and Easy-E, I recall watching on youtube an episode of Arsenio Hall from 1993 hall having Easy-E as a guest asking why they don’t just get along, oh if only.
Straight Outta Compton

4. Galaxie 500

From 1987-1991 the Dream-Pop Pioneers Galaxie 500 were horribly overlooked as a band to be recognized and it cannot stressed enough. During their short lived career Galaxie 500 created an amazing blend of detached guitar textures fused with the lead singers plaintive tenor voice that solidified them as one of the most prolific Shoe-gaze groups. Only releasing 3 Albums during their 4 year career, these 3 Albums would later go on to influence the likes of The American Analog Set and Beach House. It definitely would be a miracle if a group like this were to reunite.
Galaxie 500 – Strange

3. Grandaddy

Can never go wrong with some Grandaddy to brighten up your day. These guys were around since 1992 and broke up in 2006, 14 years and yet they still didn’t achieve the exposure they deserved. You must listen to albums like Sumday and The Sophtware Slump. Of course you gotta be into that kind of Spacey Indie fuzztone kind of music so obviously it can’t be for everyone but hey, just a suggestion.

These guys definitely fall into that Neo-Psychedelia type of sound which is also embodied in bands like The Flaming Lips and most groups from the Elephant 6 Collective. Such a surreal combination of Laid back mellow tunes tunes with a tripped out approach. There are always talks of the band members getting back together, and let’s hope that this might be a possibility in the near future.

El Caminos In The West (taken from Sumday)


2. The Fugees

Probably will be the only Haitian/American Hip-Hop group to ever form, The Fugees fused an amazing blend of reggae and rap to create their signature sound and only releasing 2 albums, one in 94 and one in 96. Lasting form 1992-1998 and having a short-lived reunion from 2004-2006 the supergroup have ultimately gone down their own career tangents.

There might be a possibility that the 3 would get together for a reunion tour which would be amazing but with the members’ deteriorating relationships, it would be very hard for that to be the case. Nevertheless these guys were such an amazing trio creatively, a favorite of any Hip-Hop fan and the soundtrack to any fans home.

1. Neutral Milk Hotel

Neutral Milk Hotel haven’t been active since 1998, it was ultimately the decision of lead singer Jeff Mangum to end the musical project. Partly as a result of his deteriorating health and eventual spiritual breakdown. Jeff Mangum is one of the founding member of the Elephant 6 Collective which incorporated the likes of Elf Power, The Apples in Stereo and Olivia Tremor Control.

Only releasing two full length albums ‘On Avery Island’ and ‘In the Aeroplane over the Sea’. I have known several people to be put of by Neutral Milk Hotel when they first encounter their albums, of course their music is not very conventional considering the odd accompaniment of wind and brass instruments and the unconventional nasal voice of Jeff Mangum. But their sound truly grows on you, with their plethora of catchy tunes and fuzztones you can’t go wrong with a listen of one of their albums from back to front. Hoping to catch the ATP that Jeff Mangum curates in March 2012.

Neutral Milk Hotel

Hope you enjoyed the list, obviously there were several acts that were left out. But I’m sure there are examples you think should be included in the list, let us know via the Forum Thread or on our Facebook Page.