FKA TwigsWe’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that Tastebuds users have been a bit ahead of the curve in finding new bands before they break. All you have to do is take a look at some of the seemingly obscure acts added as profile songs and favourite artists every day to see that many of our users shy away from the charts and the *mainstream* when it comes to music preference – taking pride in finding new bands before they’re loved by the masses.

So we wanted to put your music tastes and the resulting Tastebuds data where our mouths are – and that’s what inspired us to try a new feature: Tastebuds Tastemakers.

This month we’re bringing you some of the acts that have recently been added to Tastebuds by our users – either as profile songs or as favourite artists – along with a link to the users with bragging rights for being the first to post each act to their profiles…so without any further ado:

Tastebuds Tastemakers, August 2013

1. FKA Twigs

Beautiful and ethereal melodies infused with subtle beats – she’s originally from Gloucestershire and signed to Young Turks, home of The xx. Here’s “Water Me”:

BRAGGING RIGHTS: @felipebizarre

2. Oliver Wilde

Bristolian songwriter producing off-kilter and atmospheric acoustic indie enveloped in a soundbed of electronic haze. This is “Perrett’s Brook”:

BRAGGING RIGHTS: @Saperlipopette

3. Landshapes

This band used to product twee indie folk as Lulu and the Lampshades – yes, the LuLu and the Lampshades that did “You’re Gonna Miss Me (Cups)” (Pitch Perfect, Anna Kendrick). Check them out in their new indie rock incarnation – “In Limbo”:


4. Panama Wedding

Summer indie synth-pop from New York City, Panama Wedding are pretty much anonymous right now. 841 facebook likes and 1 track. That’s all we know. 80s influence at it’s height – here’s “All of the People”:


5. Salvia Plath

No, not a typo – Baltimore-based musician, filmmaker and artist Michael Collins. With a distinctly 60s psychedelic folk tinge to his sound, this is from his new album, Bardo States, “House of Leaves”.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: @notyouryear

5 songs on the playlist…for now:

Tastebuds Tastemakers Spotify

Wonder what musical gems you’ll all uncover this month….Keep ‘em coming!