Indie rock four-piece Stray Dogs hail from Kent, releasing their new sophomore EP ‘Lies’ on the 19th of December. Initially starting out as an acoustic duo, they expanded to four members to encompass their blues-inspired sound.

The band features Jack Mackey on Guitar and vocals, Josh Tanner on Guitar, Anthus David on Bass and Maxwell Oakley as the drummer.

Title track ‘Lies’ takes care of business, such a confrontational track that almost puts you in the scenario that the song is attempting to dramatize. This pessimistic track about relationships fills you with such vigor that you are easily convinced of the singers point of view especially with the catchy melody and chorus;

‘no it just wont work with us, no i try my hardest to get through every time i do it just reminds me of you, it just wont work with us, if you don’t try’

The track ‘People’ evokes feelings of decline and disgust; that feeling whereby a relationship has soured beyond mending and you just have to walk away whilst working on internal damage repair. Lead singer Jack Mackey soulfully paints the despair in his voice and you cannot help but accept the sincerity that the song oozes.

Experiences that have plagued you in the past will arise as this song does a good job of awakening old memories.

‘Step by Step’ takes a more frenetic approach compared to the previous two tracks. The previous two I associated with the ending of relationships and that dejected feeling that you feel when at that stage.

But track three takes a more upbeat angle; showing us that their is a light at the end of the tunnel. Lyrics like “This freedom tastes so good” rouses dance moves and could would definitely be my choice of track from the EP if I were hosting a box social.

Exuding the same energetic and passionate vibes as such greats as The Yardbirds and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club; the Stray Dogs bring forth a heartfelt but playful EP that shows a serious side to the young band. A soul scratching second EP that warrants more than one listen.

The second Stray Dogs EP comes out today Monday 19th December, and is available via Amazon & iTunes.

I uploaded the tracks from the [EP] here, check it out:



Step By Step