The Note Well and present…

Speed Listening at The Old School Yard.

Make new friends in blitz dj-ing rounds. Bring your music player and headphones and start swapping tunes with a stranger.


7.30pm to 9pm: Fun & Games–put your name on the wall if you want in on Mario Kart 64, as there’s gonna be a fight. Priority goes to advance ticket holders.
9 to 10.30pm: Speed Listening!
10.30 to 11.30pm: More Fun & Games
11.30pm: Curfew

When and Where?

Thursday 18 April 2013, 7.30pm to 11.30pm

The Old School Yard – 111 Long Lane, SE1 4PH London, United Kingdom

  • The Old School Yard celebrates all things POPular and retro. We love it it is awesome you should totally come check it out. Here is its internet home:
  • They have generously agreed to set up some fun and games before the Speed Listening main event. Games include: Wii Sports on the big screen, Mario Kart/Goldeneye 64, Connect Four, Guess Who?, foosball!
  • The dress code is suit & tie. Darren from the venue suggests hats as well. So those of you who don’t work in suits and ties, go home and change into something a little more uncomfortable. Just kidding, kind of.
  • There will be cake, obviously.

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Northern Line: Borough, London Bridge
Jubilee Line: London Bridge London Bridge

What is this?

Speed Listening™ = delicious cake + groovy tunes + new friends.
Read what our community manager felt when he first visited Speed Listening!

`Girl`, I tell her, `this is you. The music you bring to the table is you, you mustn’t feel bad about yourself because you are the way you are. Wear this with pride. Others might not like it or react to it or resonate to it, but it doesn’t mean that your music taste would be bad by any standards.`

She smiles.

That sentiment is shared across all the tables, smiles and drinks.
THAT is Speed Listening.


What is Speed Listening™?

A night where you bring your music player and swap tunes with a stranger for about seven minutes, then rotate. Meet new music and new people. Make friends. Eat cake.
It is NOT a designated speed dating event. But there IS a pop disco afterwards.

What is The Note Well?

A music friendship project–it’s an open community for the music-minded and friendly. We organize fun excuses for people who like music to come together and like each other.

What should I bring?

Music player, headphones, short playlist of songs to play for a new friend, good chat.

Is this Speed Dating?

Actually, this is Speed Listening. The goal is to make friends. Of course, you can always ask your friends out later, but that’s up to you. Adults of all ages and attachments welcome.


Get your ticket here –
Or check out who’s coming – on the Facebook event page!