spare ticket?

If you’re on the lookout for folks to go to gigs with – you’re left with a spare ticket, maybe you’re new to your city, your friends don’t share your music tastes…or you’re just looking to meet new people who love live music, this is one for you.

NEXT UP: Event Matchmaker

It pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin.

Tastebuds - Event Matchmaker

1. Find the event you’re looking to go to using our EVENT LISTINGS page, or the search box
2. Hit the little blue ‘Event Matchmaker’ button
3. Select
– “Find A Buddy” if you’re looking for someone to go with or
– “I’m Attending” to just add it to your profile and let other Tastebuds users know you’re going.
4. Fill in any additional details you want to include in your message, like…”spare ticket, face value, friends bailed” or “looking for someone to go to this with, spare ticket, no strings”.
5. Hit “Let’s Do This”.

And sit back and wait for the response to flood in.

Tastebuds’ll do all the work – we’ll send out a notification to your matches to let them know you’re looking for a concert buddy.

No more heading to concerts solo because your mates bailed or you couldn’t find anyone to go with you to Dublin Castle to see your favourite Wizard Rock band. It’s a *real* genre. Listen.

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