In honour of Valentine’s Day this year the data team down at looked at the ratio of “Sexy” to “Romantic” tags in music played on Valentine’s Day by listeners.
The findings put fun-lovin’ Fresno at the top of the sexiest musical cities of the world…


Sexiest Cities on Valentine's Day

Top 5 Sexiest Cities
on Valentine’s Day

  1. Fresno, United States
  2. Mainz, Germany
  3. Maceió, Brazil
  4. Voronezh, Russia
  5. Wellington, New Zealand

Omar from the data team explains how they came up with the results:

I had a little look at our tags pages and selected two sets of tags to investigate:

‘Romantic’ Tags: love, love songs, love song, romance, romantic
‘Sexy’ Tags: sexy, sex, erotic

Each city was then given a score based on how many people listened to sexy or romantic tracks on Valentine’s Day, and how many people have tagged these tracks with sexy or romantic tags. This gave us a ‘sexy’ and ‘romantic’ score for every city. Balancing these scores (there was a global bias toward romance) allows us to compare them, and find out which way a city leans: is it more sexy, or more romantic?

Omar also looked at the top tracks played by men and women on Valentine’s Days since 2006.
Check out their findings on the charts site.