Rock couples, husband & wife duos, band romances – whatever you call it it exists within many of the most popular musical acts. For some groups the romance began even before the musical act was formed, for others it could’ve sparked during those lonely garage band nights.

Many of us dread the idea of working with a significant other…so kudos to those band mates who have not only juggled the rigors of trying to carve a name for themselves in the industry but who have been able to do it whilst maintaining a healthy relationship. For those who weren’t able to maintain this balance…let’s just blame it on the pressure of the industry…that and drugs, definitely drugs…sorry Whitney and Bobby.

Working with your partner is full of potential pitfalls, professionally and psychologically, but only a select few people know the pressure of being romantically involved with a fellow member of a successful band.

It’s interesting to consider the influence the romances would’ve had on the creativity within the band; were songs written to parallel certain fluctuations in their relationship? Or was it never an issue in their songwriting?

We look at which famous musical romances have proven that love can truly conquer all, and which failed romances suggest you should never work with the ones you love…

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