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Pimp Your Profile: Matchbar

So you both like Britpop…but what if one of you is Blur and one’s Oasis? What about the whole Drake vs. Chris Brown rivalry? Music taste runs deeper than a genre… and can be an important factor in deciding whether your potential Tastebuds make it past the opener.

Enter the Tastebuds Matchbar:

Tastebuds: Matchbar

It’s an instant and visual barometer of your musical compatibility with any other Tastebuds user. How you use this information is up to you…

No Match? A red light or an opportunity to explore new music…?

Top Match? A chance to make beautiful music together or the most boring music debates in history…?

If you haven’t completed your profile artists, and especially your favourite artists, DO IT. Now.

Tastebuds: Favourite Artists

Coming up: Profile Songs

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