When you’re on the search for new love online, many would say it’s a numbers game – the more people you have access to, the more people you meet, the more likely you are to meet people… or a person, even…who you’re compatible with. So your best option is a dating site with a broad membership base.

But if you’re a little more sure of what you’re after – maybe it’s something you think might be a little bit random – trawling through masses of profiles, even with the help of the filters and checkboxes can be a bit of a chore.

So cut straight to the chase! Whether it’s something quite specific like an affinity for mullets (, a strict Apple-products only rule ( or an obsession with all things Harry Potter ( – these are all real, seriously – or more just a lifestyle choice, chances are there’s a dating site for people who feel the same way.

There’s been a flurry of articles on niche dating sites recently – with some citing the presence of over 2,000 of them! So we’ve done some hunting ourselves and unearthed some of our *favourites*, weeding out the sites that don’t seem to be active – or look like clone sites, repurposed from other niches – from our original list of 50….here’s our choice selection:

1. Cupidtino

Mac-inspired dating for apple fans. By Mac-inspired, they seem to mean the site design is based on the Apple site itself! For people with taste.

2. SaladMatch

Launched by salad restaurant chain, Just Salad, the SaladMatch app promises to help you find your salad soulmate!


As a well-known Kanye West song once said… for gentlemen with a great career who make over $85k/yr and want to meet beautiful and interesting women.

4. My Vegetarian Dating

Green dating website for vegetarians, vegans, fruitarians, pescatarians, and people on macrobiotic / raw food diets, as well as those passionate about animal rights, green issues and/or ethical living.

5. CougarLife

Age ain’t nothing but a number… for “young studs” looking to meet older, professional women and vice versa.

6. The Cougar Connection

As above, but a little more risqué….


Airline pilots, flight attendants, air traffic controllers, private pilots, stewards and stewardesses – gotta love the puns… never fly solo again.

8. CanDoBetter

For those who think they can find a better looking partner….let the internet decide – users vote on which of each pair “can do better”.

9. Find Your FaceMate

Apparently “passion is subconsciously ignited when we spot someone whose facial features are similar to our own” – see if facial recognition software can help you find your FaceMate match.


Only available in the US and Canada – for farmers, ranchers, animal lovers, nature lovers and other rural and country folk with traditional values.

11. Goth Dating

Looking for someone who knows their deathrock from their dark wave? Or a Friday night Goth Horror film companion? It’s more than just about music and clothes…

12. Biker Planet

Single bikers looking for other like-minded single bikers – with a pretty active, 70,000-strong facebook community too.

13. VeggieDate

More for the vegetarians among us – people who enjoy a healthy lifestyle, eating vegetarian food, vegan food, organic food, GMO free food, organic raw food, and GMO free raw food.


Stay informed on the latest redhead-related news and events – discuss your own ideas and thoughts of the redhead community in the main forums, blogs, classifieds, and polls.

15. Singles With Food Allergies

Wheat, milk, eggs, gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, soy & shellfish on their front page – and there’s also an advice section contributed by the site’s members.

…and Tastebuds?

Did you know you can also use Tastebuds to find a date? Turns out musical affinity is a fantastic indicator of romantic compatibility – so much so we’re #1 in a list of best dating sites published by Marie Claire!