Ever since we introduced the new dashboard and the global feed, the site started buzzing with a new vibe and we’re getting loads of messages that go something like “so many things to do, WHERE DO I START?”. We’ve gathered a little list of what you should do to make your very first hours or days much much easier here!

  • FILL OUT your profile! We know you’d probably look for people, play games or listen to some great music but this is something that’s gonna help you IMMENSELY! People with profiles filled and images uploaded get as much as eight times more messages – so to acquire some interested parties, you’ll need to do this! Also, don’t forget about adding more bands to your profile! The more bands you have, the better-suited the list of people will be that our system’s going to recommend you!
  • GO LOOKING! for whoever! Is it gig buddies, fans of a very obscure band or some quite hot individuals? Yeah. Whoever you’re looking for, our Search page will let you search for whoever, wherever. (Note: if you want to search globally, pick `Worldwide` from our list!)
  • LISTEN UP! Our Radio shows you a playlist of songs from users who share a similar music taste with you and they’re hopefully physically close to you as well! It’s not just a good tool to bridge the gap, it’s also a great recommendation tool!
  • START TALKING! And we’re not even talking about messaging users! Our forums, aptly named Soapbox serve as a breeding ground for ideas, heated debates, great recommendations, band chats or gig pre-drink meetups. If you don’t see any forum threads about the things that interest you, you can always start your own! (And we’re hitting you with notifications so that you could instantly see how much people care about your ideas!
  • READ MORE! We also maintain a blog and we’ve put quite some time into it to give you great content, lists of music, great research, infographics or our recently launched user interviews!
  • KEEP A FINGER ON THE PULSE OF THE WORLD! We have a feed that lists everything that our users do. The music they listen to, the statuses they offer to the community, the pictures they post.. it’s all there. You can also narrow the scope to your surroundings if you feel that the world is just too big for you. We promise: that feeling never lasts long. (Note: we have loads of profile questions to answer that we’ve cheekily positioned right next to the feed!)
  • PLAY A GAME! We maintain this page called Leaderbored where you can help us clean up all the YouTube videos by giving us the band/performer and the song title. People compete here and there are days when their speed is breathtaking. Have a go at it!