Neon Indian played at Heaven, London on November 16th. I had never seen them live before and didn’t know what to expect. From the two albums that I listened to I found their music to really fit that chilled out electronic niche’ thats become quite abundant. But I do enjoy their tracks and it didn’t take much thought to purchase a ticket for their show.

I personally think their 2 albums are quite different. The first album Psychic Chasms; had an interesting Lo-fi Electronic feel to it. You kind of get this impression that he made all the tracks in his parents garage or something. But this non-polished sound really works for their kind of style and I thoroughly enjoyed every track on it.

The second album Era Extraña was a definite next level version of their previous tracks, with the second album having a fuller sound, clearly showing the increase in production value from the first to the second. The sophomore album had more variety to it in terms of the individual tracks, whereas the first flowed really well as a nice congealment of tracks.

The gig started with tracks from the 2nd album, showcasing their performance from their refined album which really transcended to their stage presence. Lead Singer Alan Palomo deployed a genial interaction with the crowd; and I found it quite charming. His effervescent carefreeness complimented the hypnotic synth-hooks and drum beats. Lars Larson who used a soundboard for the beats was in charge of constructing some amazing “Tekken 3, Fatal Fury” sounds, to quote the lead singer – he really did create some amazing spaced-out video game beats I must say. Something my ears relish in.

Photos were taken by my friend Rhys, you can check out his blog at

A good mix of tracks from the first and second album. The bands performance was accompanied by an incredible light show, represented by several columns of light that would intersect or move along a specific axis. It looked like beams of ice moving around venue falling like tree trunks to the audience as they laid down their earth-shaking synth collages and mind-numbing psychedelia.
Deadbeat Summer

Terminally Chill

Polish Girl