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Coming back from The Great Escape in Brighton last month got us all thinking – it’s the start of Music Festival season in the UK…Summer’s here and the sunshine’s out to play (ahem!), which means lots of us are scouring the festival schedules trying to figure out which line-ups are worthy of our hard-earned cash…

Aside from deciding whether or not to believe rumours of a secret Daft Punk gig at TGE (it didn’t happen), you’re not alone if you’re also mulling over the possibility of a summer romance. Whether it’s a full-blown “will I meet the boy/girl of my dreams” or “I kind of fancy a summer fling” – could be that the soundtrack to your brief encounter turns out to be a live set from The Flaming Lips at Bestival or Flying Lotus at Lovebox.

Tastebuds users have been sharing their own music festival romance stories – from drunken conversations to an impromptu marriage proposal – so we’ve dug a little deeper with a few of them to inspire your own love/lust stories over the coming months. We also asked each user “If you could play your festival romance any song, what would it be?”answers below.

To help boost your chances of success – we’ve also put together some more infographics for you…picking out some of our favourite festivals and sharing some stats – like guy/girl fan scores, “friendly festival” ratings and what band’s fans are looking for – based on the makeup of the Tastebuds fan base.

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@StickSothyThe User: @StickSothy

The Show: Marilyn Manson at Reading Festival

The Story: “…Manson came out and the stage was all that I could focus on. As the set went on, I found myself jumping to the music, partly because I was excited, and partly because I wanted to see a little better. There’s only so much that you can see of a gig when everyone around you is conveniently taller.

“Do you want to go up?” the guy [standing next to me] asked, bending down slightly. “Put your legs on my shoulders and I’ll lift you up.”

I had never been on anyone’s shoulders before, so I was cradling a mix of fear and excitement. After I happily obliged, I put my legs on his shoulders and screamed as he lifted me up: I could see everything, even parts of the venue that I completely forgot about! My fingers childishly played with his hair as he bounced me up and down; it was one of the best nights of my life, and then the set was over.”

The Soundtrack Highlight: Marilyn Manson – “I’d been into this band for about three years prior to the gig, and as I was in the heat of my obsession, I was basically shaking with excitement.“

The Ending: “I saw him again but only a few times – he lived in Northamptonshire and I lived in Berkshire, and as we were still just kids, we couldn’t afford to see each other as often as we would have liked. His parents would always drive him to my train station’s pick-up point and I’d meet him…it’s been nearly 8 years since I met him now!”

The Song: “Sunspots” by Nine Inch Nails – “It’s one of my favourite songs from the CD that he burned for me when he introduced me to NIN”





The User: @carnosaurkid

The Show: Piccadilly night at Leeds Festival – “it was fun and muddy”

The Story: “I would love to elaborate but really it’s a sleazy story of mud, alcohol and a tent at Leeds Festival. It wasn’t romantic at all. there was no love involved, just a desire to find something but of course you can never find these things in a tent.”

The Soundtrack Highlight: “Real tough one but walking out on Foo Fighters to go see Acapella Futureheads was definitely a highlight for me.”

The Ending: Still friends.

The Song: “Cocoa Butter Kisses” by Chance The Rapper – “that song is awesome. I don’t even love the girl. We’re good friends. She’s cool.”





The User: @BornUnderPunches

The Show: The Kooks at Hultsfred, Sweden – “when I was a little worse for wear” – and again “right at the very front of the crowd for Noel Gallagher”.

The Story: “I met this girl 3 times, the first of which I was pirouetting drunkenly to prove to my friend that I could do it…There was no dialogue between us on that particular occasion, that came later on in the evening when I was a little worse for wear and watching The Kooks. She said I looked like one of them. My usual reaction would be something along the lines of “&*!$ off” but the pleasant atmosphere and gallons and gallons of whisky cascading through my bloodstream had somehow imbibed me with what might pass as “social skills”.

…the next night we met up again; right at the very front of the crowd for Noel Gallagher. She asked if I remembered her, which at that moment I only half did…We hadn’t been talking for very long when she asked what was round my neck; a glowstick, covered in mud and assorted spirits, wines, lagers, ciders. I had completely forgotten about it.

She asked if she could have my glowstick, something I was all too happy to oblige. So thrilled was she with her brand new glowstick, this Swedish girl (whose name I believe was Ingrid) got onto one knee, looked me dead in the eye and only mere minutes before Noel was due to come onstage, asked me to be her husband.

Before I knew it, my two Swedish friends had assumed the roles of priest and were drunkenly reading out the vows; I struggled to keep up until I heard the words “you may now kiss the bride” and found that my mouth seemed to have one too many tongues inside it. I threw down the plastic wine glass I had and crushed it underfoot, as per my ancestral tradition. The crowd around us cheered, then cheered harder still when Noel Gallagher came onstage.”

The Soundtrack Highlight: “Best band without a doubt was the Gorillaz Sound System, who did mashup style stuff and the filthiest jungle I’ve ever heard. It was hammering it down, the sound was about as clear and loud as I’ve ever heard at a festival and I was drinking disgusting wine and pinwheeling about bumping into people (they didn’t mind, they probably thought I was a bit disturbed).”

The Ending: “It wasn’t long before I lost my wife in the maelstrom, never to be seen again.”

The Song: “Any song? Have someone perform Hava Nagila, make our wedding nice and official.”





The User: @Joelacus

The Show: A “rocking” tent at Benicassim, Spain

The Story: The lad from the next tent…was desperate to speak to me about … [the night before]…. He strutted over like he was in a Lynx advert and said ‘Alright mate, do you like my battle scars?’ and showed off the scratch marks on his back.

…turns out he was a really nice guy and introductions were made between my friend, his friend the girl and her friends. As it turns out the girl and her friends lived up the road from me and we had loads of mutual friends but had never met each other. We all became holiday friends and had an fantastic festival with the highlight being Arctic Monkeys. We swapped contact details and swore we would all keep in touch and be friends forever. As you do.

As it was there was only one person I actually kept in touch with. We spoke regularly about music and went to a few gigs. I soon realised that this girl would be the ideal person for me to be with. She was smart, beautiful, laughed at my jokes and had good music taste. What more could I want? My crush became an infatuation and my infatuation became an obsession. I wanted to be with her so much but a realistic view with what you can expect from life and low self esteem made me think that it would never happen. Thank god for alcohol.

I went out to see her on her birthday and after she had downed three sambuca’s in a row I realised that this was the perfect opportunity to kiss her. To my eternal amazement she didn’t recoil in disgust but actually reciprocated. The next day I was a bit worried that the alcohol had made her forget what happened or that her subconscious had kindly repressed it but she accepted an invitation to come round for dinner. I wanted to evoke some of those special memories of that Spanish Festival so cooked her a paella and it must have been tasty because four months on we are still together.”

The Soundtrack Highlight: Arctic Monkeys

The “Ending”: We have just got back from our first solo festival adventure together. We went to Field Day and whilst Gabriel Bruce was singing that we couldn’t have hoped for more perfect weather, we looked into each others’ eyes, told each other how in love we were and knew that we had something special.

The Song: “Cars not leaving” by Gabriel Bruce – “It was the highlight of Field Day for us”.


So it does happen!!

These are only a few of the stories you’ve been sharing with us – thanks to the seven of you who’ve elaborated on your tales of festival romance in the soapbox thread – read more here!

We’ll look forward to hearing more from this year’s festivals – and keep an eye out for our infographics….

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