meet new people

Want to meet new people in your city and do more of the things you like?

It used to be the case that when moving to a new city your new neighbours would come round and introduce themselves with freshly baked muffins, you’d bump into people on your street and get chatting…or maybe share intros over a beer at your local and discover you also share a love of first vinyl pressings and Hitchcock films. Job done, you have a bunch of new friends and a packed social life.

Times have changed. People are less likely to frequent the same places. Short business lifespans, abundance of choice and, the relatively new phenomenon of pop-ups – is there such thing as a “local” anymore?

This, added to the fact that we all seem to be rushing around so much. It’s not unheard of to live in the same building as someone for three years and never exchange more than a nod on the stairs. How do you meet new people when you’re moving to a new city? Using the internet, of course!

Sites for Specific Interests

If you already know what you want to do…or have interests that you’d like to explore, the web is fantastic for finding other people in your area looking to do the same. Here are three we love, for music, sport and books:

  • Music (clearly!) – Making it as simple as possible to meet new people in your area who share your taste in music, our music community site Tastebuds connects you with other music fans through your profile, Facebook likes or just bands you want to list on your profile. You can narrow down suggested people using age, gender and what they’re on the site for – concert buddies, friends, music discovery or dating.
  • Sport – Look up sports clubs in your area and see if they’re open to members. In the UK, there’s a nifty little site called where you can choose your sport and (UK) country, enter your postcode and find teams nearby – currently covering Football, Cricket, Rugby and Hockey. In the US take a look at Sportsvite.
  • Book ClubsMy Book Club is a site that helps you find book-lovers in your area. It’s global,  and you can filter searches by keyword, age range and gender as well, or start your own if nothing takes your fancy. There’s an online option too so you can test the waters before meeting offline.

Hyperlocal Interest-Based Meets Organised through Twitter

Run a quick search on the hashtag #Tweetup and you’ll find there are hundreds of people out there already meeting up with folks they’ve initiated contact with on Twitter – around local areas, shared interests, business. Add another term to your search to narrow it down to what you’re after, and look out for the next meet. Best thing about this is that you can break the ice and chat to the people who are going online beforehand to help you decide whether it’s for you or not.


Meet People who Share your Interests

It can be so intimidating turning up to an event and not know anyone – or even, sometimes, who else is there for the event! takes the uncertainty out of it with thousands of interest-based meetup groups – and a sociable host to organise the whole thing and contact when you get there. Whether it’s film, philosophy, languages, walking tours of your city, photography, live music or something more specific – chances are there’s a meetup for it already happening in your city.

Host your Own Events

Along similar lines to – CitySocializer members organise nights out and activites in their local areas for newcomers and regulars to join in with – from after-work drinks to checking out the latest pop-ups, to running groups, book clubs, festivals, holidays and everything in between. Where meetup focuses on organisers curating events, CitySocializer encourages community members to start hosting their own.

Meet New People in Related Industries

Generally not designed as specific networking events, rather people in related industries meeting up for pub drinks and parties – they’re a good way to meet folks in your area doing the same things. Events company 3beards have garnered a reputation for unusual events aimed at London’s tech community and digital DUMBO is an organisation connecting creatives and entrepreneurs who currently have communities in Valencia, Brooklyn, London, Dallas and Boston, for example.

Facebook Groups Aren’t Just For the People you Already Know

We know Facebook seems to be about people you already know – but there are a number of groups aimed at those who want to meet new people as well, specifically to go to events you perhaps haven’t been able to coerce your friends into going to, which is equally great for people moving to new places. Some of the more interesting ones we’ve found…. Team let’s go to European festivals and/or come up with a better name, london film and comic con 2013, Mammoth cave Restoration Group – some rather specialist interests too.

So now you have absolutely no excuse for sitting in with Netflix and a pizza by yourself at the weekend when you could be out meeting new people with similar interests!