With Zack Snyder’s new Superman movie `Man of Steel` coming up in two months (launching exactly June 14th), we decided to revisit pop culture’s most epic moments! Listen to our compilation of the eight best Superman songs – as according to the Tastebuds team – and see how bands of ROCK grasp Kal-El a.k.a. Clark Kent and his story of bringing hope humankind in the guise of Superman!

If by any chance you haven’t seen the new Man of Steel trailer, do it now before doing anything else!

And now, on to the best Superman songs!


By far the catchiest song in this compilation, this is just to prepare you for the sad fact that even Superman could die. Well, there was a comics storyline in 1992 about that (battling the villain Doomsday).. but in Man of Steel, it’s just a plain old arrest.


Kryptonite is the only weakness of Superman. Did you know that by 1971 Earth all Kryptonite has been eliminated on Planet Earth, apart from the stash that Batman hid in his cave? Well, the take on this magical green compound by Missisippi rock band 3 Doors Down is quite… innovative!


What about a world that doesn’t actually need Superman? This pop-punk song will basically ask the same thing – but then again, it appears in every self-reflective work of the comics industry: what if people just don’t want to have superheroes running, flying and burrowing around at all?


We just lied! This song was originally written/performed by The Clique. When R.E.M. made a cover version, Michael Stipe was so unenthusiastic about it that it’s bassist Mike Mills who’s doing the lead vocals on it.


Why so sad? Crash Test Dummies lands the saddest song of the bunch with their take on a funeral song.


Danish band Kashmir puts a personal spin on the whole Superman theme, making the superhero into the image of a responsible, ready-to-kick-your-ass adult.


No disrespect meant but why don’t people make Superman songs in the breakbeat, hellectro, drum’n’bass or ambient genres? Well. Yet another mellow indie pop song about the grandiose ideal of the Man of Steel!


One final Superman song coming straight from the Tastebuds HQ – this is our personal recommendation to look up at the sky and think you’re invincible!