J Dilla would have been 38 last Tuesday (7th Feb 2012) had it not been for his unfortunate untimely death in 2006 at the age of 32. And since his death the impact of the hip-hop producer on music has not been mitigated. Its growth continues and his legacy champions the importance of left-field Hip-Hop which will never be forgotten.

As a producer J Dilla deliberately established a low profile, preferring to focus on music creation rather than his self-promotion. An entire wave of music exists and is influenced by Dilla’s trademark style, a notable examples includes Flying Lotus, aka Californian experimental hip-hop producer Steven Ellison.

Many of J Dilla’s unused beats remain unreleased, many of these beats have been passed around the internet via file sharing creating a larger cult following for the deceased producer. His posthumous work has been revered by fans and musicians alike.

His signature appeal for many included the sources of his samples and how he was able to completely break apart a sample and reassemble it in ways no one would think of.

If you find yourself in on a lazy sunday looking for that bargain gem or blowing your whole pay check at your local Record store. Thank J Dilla and his continuing inspiration. RIP.