Hi there! It’s been a while since we updated you about the latest developments here at Tastebuds HQ, so we thought our first birthday was the perfect time to let you know what we’ve been up to.

Growing fast!

Almost without us noticing, we’ve hit an awesome 20,000 users. This is a really great milestone for us, because it shows that our model is working: people love connecting on the basis of their musical tastes. And we’re hearing about some incredible success stories coming out of the community…

“Music has always been one of my passions and Tastebuds gave me the opportunity to find someone who shares that passion. Finding that we enjoyed similar music was a great starting point for conversation and led to the discovery of other shared interests.

“I met my boyfriend on Tastebuds 7 months ago and we’re about to go on our first holiday together! Thank you for introducing us.” — Suzie, 25

Music is a great way of connecting new people

We’re also massively excited about the high reply rate on – more coming about that in a future post, but basically it means that if you send a message on, you’re much more likely to get a response than with many other dating networks. We’re already beating OkCupid on that metric – proving, we think, that analysing musical tastes is one of the best ways of matching people up.

A lot more blog content on its way

From the team that brought you the much reported-on “Coldplay fans least likely to have sex on a first date” … we’re going to be bringing you a lot more where that came from in the coming months. How does your choice of favourite band or artist reflect your success with the opposite sex? Are Madonna and Mariah Carey fans compatible, or do diva feuds translate into incompatible people? If you like musicals, are you more likely to want to wait until you’re married before losing your V-plates? We’ll be running the results of our regular survey questions through the discombobulator to find out.

And last but not least, some awesome new features

We recently launched a ‘share song’ button on profile pages that lets you send a song to other users. Visit someone’s profile and try it out! And we’re also working on a fantastic new feature that’s going to help you meet up at concerts and other live events… so watch this space for more on that one.

That’s all for now… bookmark this blog to get the latest news from as it happens.