The internets have been buzzing with the news fragments about Twitter’s next big shot, their music discovery/news app called #music. Apparently those few selected music celebrities who’ve been given access love every byte of it – while us mere mortals eagerly wait for access we’ve gathered the most important info out there on their new music app.

Twitter Music suggests artists and tracks to users based on their account.

This is what we know about Twitter #music.

  • Twitter’s music app will let your follow your favourite artists, share songs and receive personalized recommendations based on your Twitter account, hashtags or the list of users that you follow.
  • It will also show trending artists and their ranks in charts and based on Twitter’s carding system, you’ll be able to listen to audio clips or watch videos.
  • Users will be able to connect to Soundcloud, YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Rdio and Vevo.
  • The app is partly a music service aggregator or at least it was – when in the trial version you followed an artist, you could instantly read their SoundCloud bio and preview their tracks in the iTunes Store.
  • Evidently, you’ll be able to buy songs, view artist bios and filter out tracks with explicit lyrics from appearing.
  • Initially #music was expected to launch during Coachella (April 12-14, 2013).
  • It’s expected to launch with an iOS and a web interface.
  • There’s a bunch of artists who apparently tried out the new app and loved it, reporting about it on Twitter: @NikkiSixx, @theglitchmob, @thelittleidiot (yes that’s Moby), @alt_J, @jason_mraz and @NeYoCompound are among them.
  • Among the list of celebrities who tried out Twitter Music is US Pop Idol host @RyanSeacrest.
  • The company behind #music is We Are Hunted whom Twitter acquired last year – they track the 99 most popular emerging tracks on social networks.

We’ll keep this article constantly updated until Twitter Music officially drops.

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