Where the hell did Halloween come from? Honestly every year I find out and every year I end up forgetting.

Halloween started with the Celtic druids, who celebrated on the eve of November as part of a series of ‘fire festivals’. They believed that during this period of celebration the barrier between our world and the World of the Dead was linked on the night, and for those who were prepared, journeys could be made in safety to the ’other side’.


The Christian Church was unable to get the people to stop celebrating this holiday, so
they simply sprinkled a little holy water on it and gave it new titles, as they did with other Pagan holidays and customs.


Over time, Halloween evolved into a secular, community-based event characterized by child-friendly activities such as trick-or-treating. The Halloween we are all familiar with is the North American interpretation on it.

Does anyone remember the excitement that you got when it was that time of the year to don the black cape, the fake teeth, the packets of fake blood?

I remember when I was young and watching things like Nightmare Before Christmas andHellraiserand Halloween’s 1 and 2 (yes I was a weird kid) and just reveling in that spooky nature that those movies brought forth. Also reading the Goosebumps series just made me want to stumble into a graveyard and zombies or ghouls would pop up and I’d be embroiled in a spooky adventure.

But of course being older we cant exactly do the trick-or-treat thing without getting bizarre looks from passers by, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dress up and party hard…does it? I like to think as you age you start to appreciate all forms of Halloween instead of just the free candy apples and ghost stories. 

I decided this year for Halloween to go all out, get some crazy ass face paint and go proper skeleton/ghoul, kinda like Johnny Lawrence and the Cobra Kai’s at the school Dance in Karate Kid.

I also figured if you’re gonna throw a Halloween Party you gotta have a playlist. At Tastebuds we’ve come up with what we thought would be an awesome playlist for Halloween. We’d love to know what you guys think of it! Send us songs or albums that you think would be great to play on Halloween.

Also I’m gonna post the playlist song listings on the Halloween Forum page, so check it out and make sure you let us know what spooky songs you think are fitting for this deathly holiday.

Check out the Halloween Playlist on Spotify. If you’re not hooked up to Spotify fear not, you can check out some of our favourites below…