The sun has finally emerged and it’s time to take that online relationship to the next level. So pull out the ol’ keyboard, type in a few lines, and invite that guy or gal you’ve had your eye on to take advantage of this “heat wave”. Hey, we’re only young once, right?

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First up, you have to declare your interest. These tracks all get the “baby, I’m into you” vibes across pretty damn clearly.

Benji Hughes with Vibe So Hot
Bo Diddley with Pretty Thing
The Black Keys with Howlin’ For You

Once your interest is declared, it’s time to do the hard work of convincing them to actually come out. Now’s the time to remind them that we are young, we run free, keep our teeth, nice and clean…so why not head out?

Supergrass with Alright
Wilson Picket with Born To be Wild
Van Morrison with Wild Night
Deer Tick with Let’s All Go To The Bar

As a last minute resort, you can always pull out this Bowie gem. No one can say no to the chance to be a hero.

David Bowie with Heroes

So, you’ve got them out and had a crazy fun night, but the sun is starting to come up and it’s make or break time. Well, now’s the perfect moment to pull out a little something I like to call the Bruce Springsteen double attack.

First up, we have Robert Gordon and Link Wray with Fire. It’s a track written by Bruce, but with other people singing it, so your double Bruce tactic won’t be so obvious.

Then, move it into The Boss himself with Prove it All Night, followed up The King with It’s Now Or Never for a quick one, two punch. Success!

When it’s finally morning and the sun is up, you’ve had an amazing evening and have really shown the summer what’s what. Time to celebrate with Bryan Adams and Summer of 69. These sunny summer days really are the best days of our lives!