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Guest Blogging Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in writing for the Tastebuds blog. We love to maintain a high quality of posts, which is probably why you’d like to post with us!

The Tastebuds blog receives hundreds of thousands of visitors each month, with our most popular post reaching over 1 million people in one day. Our posts are syndicated on the main Tastebuds website – so if you want people to see your great content this is the place to post.

Before you start writing your post be sure you’re familiar with our guidelines and guest blogging process.

About Our Blog

We blog about anything relevant to Tastebuds users – music, pop culture, meeting new people and sometimes even dating. Our most popular posts have been centred around humour, so don’t be afraid to write about something fun!

To give you a better idea of the content we’re looking for, here are some of our posts that have done well:


We like to keep it casual on the blog. Conversational, friendly and topical.

Post Format

Word count

Blog posts should be in the range of at least 300 and max 2,000 words, depending on type of content. If your article is longer than 2,000 words we suggest breaking it up into a series of posts instead.


Always strive for shareable headlines. Imagine the headline is a tweet – how would you get your followers’ attention? We can help you here, let us know if you want the editor to set the headline (sometimes the editor will set the headline even if you provide one).


Break up your paragraphs with headings – we won’t publish a wall of text. Number the headings or bold them, as long as readers can easily skim your posts. Use bold text to highlight the most important thoughts.


You will be given a 50 word bio at the bottom of your guest post in which you may include one (1) link back to your website.

You may include two (2) links if they fit the context of your topic and enhance the content. Blatant keyword stuffing won’t be published.


You need to have at least one image in your post, and optionally a cover image that goes on the top of the post. Make sure you’re allowed to use the images you provide and send along any credits needed to use them. There are plenty of free stock photo services on the web!

Editorial Process

1. Let us know you’re interested. Shoot us a quick email with two (2) topics that you’d like to write about, as well as a link to articles you have written.

2. We will approve the idea. If the blog post ideas are not in line with our objectives but you have the right writing style we will help brainstorm additional ideas.

3. You write the post. Follow our editorial guidelines outlined above. Submit your post in top-notch, ready-to-publish fashion. There should be absolutely no spelling errors, grammar errors or typos. Read it out loud to yourself and have a friend check it over as well. We will go over it once and may send it back to you for a round of corrections.

4. We edit…if needed. We prefer not to edit your post — please make sure to be aware of the guidelines. If needed we will make one round of edits and send back to you with commentary. If there are too many edits to be made we will kindly suggest submitting the post elsewhere.

5. You make the edits. This is your final round of edits. Again, if we still do not feel the post is up to par with our other posts you are free to post it elsewhere.

You are an official Tastebuds Guest Blogger! Because you have properly written, edited and formatted your post, we will put your post on our blog. We can’t guarantee that you’ll be internet famous right away, but we are sure our readers will love it!

After the post is published


On the day your post is published, check back frequently and respond to comments you receive. Also be sure to monitor social media for conversations. Engage with our readers and they will love you forever.


After the post has been live for 24 hours feel free to republish, with a link back to the original post on our site.

Getting featured

If Tastebuds users love your posts and it performs well on social media we’ll feature it at the top of the blog homepage.

Excited? So are we.