This week’s FREE MUSIC MONDAY brings you a whole lot of music to love: exclusive remix of a Canadian industrial legend played in Tokyo, hiphop compilations from MishkaNYC (lots of you needed fat beats!), and free stuff heavily influenced by Blade Runner! If you found some great tunes you want to share, drop us a link at hello at! (And the lovely insane party pic comes from Bizarre Mag!)


Skinny Puppy by far is one of the most influential bands in industrial music and cybernetic counterculture, to put it mildly. This track is an exclusive remix by their Swedish heir, Necro Facility – spinned at one of the major underground events in Japan called Tokyo Decadance!


We found MishkaNYC not too long ago with their amazing collection of Robocop T-shirts and their selection of amazing free music. One of their most surprising offers is a soundtrack made by Xander Harris to accompany Snow Crash, one of the greatest cyberpunk novels of the 90s mixing virtual reality, swordfighting pizza delivery ninja boys, linguistics and skater girls. Perfect electronica. Also, grab the book – that’s powerful, quirky and we wonder why it hasn’t been in the cinemas near you!


German IDM group Haujobb just released one of their tracks off their latest album New World March, slow, dark and good for a walk in any metropolis. Also feel free to check out their side projects Architect and Destroid.. you’ll find pretty evocative brooding electro there!


Mishka apparently does not only offer robotic police officers! The Hood Internet‘s been famous for years for their mashups of hiphop and indie rock and this album of tongue-in-cheek genre marriage just needs your volumes turned to nine to eleven. On a scale of… eight?


Queens rap warlord Meyhem Lauren‘s latest mixtape Mandatory Brunch Meetings offers you attention-worthy beats and calculated lyrics, something that loves our offices and our offices love it back. Maybe not the neighbours. But they don’t have silver nipples, so you know where that leaves them. Yes, you have to listen to this to understand the nipple reference. Or maybe not.

Not enough music? Not the genres you’re into? Drop us an email with your links & recommendations or post them to the Free Music Monday thread!