This week’s FREE MUSIC MONDAY brings you a whole lot of music to love: recommendations from our community members, Kraftwerk-infused free electro, mad violin performance at TED itself and also a charity project by one of our highly respected music sources that you might want to contribute to. We know we did! If you found some great tunes you want to share, drop us a link at hello at!


Metroland is somewhere between Kraftwerk’s pre-90s technopop and bubbly Detroit mindneedles like AUX88. Early 2012 December they surprised us with a music video tribute to Harry Beck, an English engineering draftsman best known for creating the present London Underground Tube map in 1931 – now they bring us a free track called 2013. If next year’s only half as good as this track, we can all consider ourselves quite lucky!


Mimimic was recommended to us by Tastebuds community member twinofmyself – his project’s latest album Blender, according to him, is psychedelic ambient in the vein of Boards of Canada and Black Moth Super Rainbow. their Bandcamp adds layers of hazy, mellow synths that lazily spiral away contrasting with hip-hop inspired 808 beats, constantly guided by an ambient, at times lo-fi aesthetic sensibility. We agree!


We’ve first seen Zan Lyons in the rain, somewhere in a deserted suburban performance area in Berlin, performing with a violin and three attached distortion units – in a humbling homage to Blade Runner. Hundreds of people in a deserted factory area, sitting in awe, watching a video artist turning into a master musician in a matter of seconds. Yes, he touched our souls. Yes, whatever he touches turns into gold. Yes, that’s a TED performance there and thanks to the EYHO blog for bringing this to our attention!

Austin, Texas-based VVV was recommended to us by community member velvetvalentinetwin – and whenever he goes on recommending something nice, he always manages to keep us googling/listening to more stuff for an hour at least, so you’d better check VVV out. This is the junk trip in Ghost in the Shell, Lima skyline in 2040 and the first day without rage after a deadly break-up.

Headphone Commute is one of the very few completely trustworthy sources of glitch, ambient and contemporary experimental/electronica and now they’re on the interwebs with a mission – releasing a compilation of the best ambient/electronica in 2012 and transfer all donations to Sandy victims. We love great music and we love to help in donation cases whenever we can – here’s what Headphone Commute has to say about their wonderful compilation …And Darkness Came.

This colossal compilation has been curated by Headphone Commute to benefit all of those affected by Hurricane Sandy, the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, which has devastated portions of the Caribbean, Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States in late October 2012. 100% of all the proceeds generated from the sale of this album will be donated towards two charitable organizations: Doctors Without Borders and The Humane Society. The artists on the release have been hand-picked to showcase the world’s top talent in ambient, modern classical, and experimental music. The unprecedented selection features many unreleased pieces composed exclusively for the cause.

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