This is the moment when the Tastebuds crew would like to wish you and your loved ones Happy Holidays and some great festive decibels for the last week of 2012! Did someone say festive decibels? RIGHT ON! Another edition of Free Music Monday with new music to sample and download coming up – this time not only from Tastebuds HQ but also from our community members! If you found some great tunes you want to share, drop us a link at hello at!


Tastebuds user Harvey24 recommended us this goody bag of great mixes – we nod in complete agreement! If you like Icons Volume 3 and need to breathe more funk during the holidays, previous Ghetto Funk material’s still available for free download if you sign up to le Ghetto Funk blog!


This free download (free link via mediafire) comes from our community member Kaje with whom we talked a lot about progressive rock bands and his band Hollowood from São Paulo offers some great tunes – here’s his description of what Hollowood has to offer! We offer you guys our music trying to reach emotions, goosebumps, the said ‘feeling’ that everyone loves but no one can explain. All of this made with humility, love for music and with the mix of post-rock, “indie-rock”, math-rock, and everything that we like to hear.


We’ve had our ears on Milque for some time and it’s definitely the time to showcase you her sounds made out of hi-resonance leads, stompy beats and riot grrl-y attitude – something definitely making us react “ballistic BUT GIVE US MORE OF THAT!“. Hoping to have an EP/LP from her next year! ROCK STAR BABY!, as we would say in the offices.


Pretty, melodic, quirky and psychedelic grooves to tease and massage the brains of bacon heads is one way to describe the music of Phsiris who is a Sydney based producer that likes to indulge in all styles of electronic music. – Did someone say bacon heads? Phsiris’ Ham Job EP is psytrance/breakbeat-infused bacon love amped out with blips, bleeps and blinding beats to the max – something we whole-heartedly recommend you for December! Check them on Bandcamp here!


DJ BC is something of a household necessity with us – we had an eye on him since his godly mashup of Louis Armstrong and The Method Man and he hasn’t disappointed us ever, EVER! So, with Christmas just rocking out on our fireplaces and everything, we give you Volume VII of his Santastic festive mash-up series, we wish you Happy Holidays and getting back to you for one massive final party hadouken before teleporting straight into 2013!

Not enough music? Not the genres you’re into? Drop us an email with your links & recommendations or post them to the Free Music Monday thread!