From indie rock to witch house, from decent electronica to post-rock – here’s a package of recommendations for a new week: Four Tet‘s got a free retrospective compilation out for your edification and amusement, To Kill a King rocks your face left and right with one of their key tracks ‘Howling’ and A Guy Called Gerald shows us his latest collaboration.


A brilliant live band, To Kill A King have gigged relentlessly, completing two UK headline tours and selling out London shows at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, The Garage, XOYO (as part of Q Magazine’s ‘Now: The Sessions’ series), and most recently Cargo. They’ve also performed a series of ‘Guerilla Gigs’ – acoustic sets played nationwide in unusual and secret locations such as the DLR, river banks, shops, National Trust properties & train stations – plus over 60 ‘living room shows’, gigs in fan’s living rooms organized via the band’s Facebook page.>


Last month we might have been into witchstep up until our eyeballs – now we’ve just gone upstream to see whether the one-eyed mad gods of witch house gave us anything new. Apparently, they did – that’s the latest Butterclock music video right there, chilly, cold, Casio-synth-cheesy as always.

A GUY CALLED GERALD & OSCAR BURNSIDE’s limelight comes with an intriguing collaboration of A Guy Called Gerald and Oscar Burnside – sounds like the musical equivalent of the way your brain warps from dreamdiving to painfully coming up for air to reality. Just to see a samurai sword approaching your head at warp speed. Sounds bad? We don’t think so.


According to Nialler9, Four Tet suddenly dropped a collection of unreleased material from 1997 to 2001 on Soundcloud today called 0181, promising a vinyl release soon and all.


Vanilla is one amazing hip hop beat-maker from the UK. His most recent album release, For What It’s Worth is comprised of his B-sides of loose instrumentals and outtakes throughout the year. If you don’t know about his works, this album is just an added bonus to his underground image. Azure is a perfect combination of hip hop beats fused with jazz roots. I can honestly admit that the track has been stuck on repeat the past seven times in the past half hour. As you listen, you’ll feel the warm and naturally move your body to the beat. (This one comes to you straight from Lightning Collective)


Russian post-rock / dreamgazer band I Am Waiting for You Last Summer just released their remastered debut LP “Edge Party” for free on Bandcamp.

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