Snow’s just hit London, so we’re turning this week’s FREE MUSIC MONDAY into a colder and harsher display of love cookies! New music video by witch house/trash electro diva Charli XCX, a huge load of free compilations by Tympanik Audio, new mixes by Laurent Garnier and BTK and also, a new amazing electro-industrial release from Sydney and 45 minutes of insight about how space sounds like!


Trash electro pop diva Charli XCX just came out with a new music video last week – her new single You (Ha ha ha) is an homage to grindhouse movies with strong female leads with a twist of tumblrcute – lipstick bullets, Cyberdog tops and neonware make all the difference, apparently! It’s also worth checking her page for the free download link of her latest mixtape Super Ultra!


You want contemplative free electro? Tympanik Audio is on the forefronts of deep glitch/ambient and their back catalogue of free downloads is MASSIVE, so we thought it would be a good time to share all the love with you – the Approach Lights series is an amazing introduction of work/sleep/travel soundtracks.



Our community member Moire just sent this over to remind us why we learned to love harshness of beats over the years! This free Fragz track comes from Yellow Stripe Recordings, “to thank you all for all the support during this 2 years and to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary”. (As for more free tracks, she also recommended some new mixes by Laurent Garnier and BTK!)


Sleepless comes from Australia as most of the great cyberpunk music surprises (such as Angelspit, Tankt or New Project) – straight from Aaron Carter with a serious right hook that we got to know with the project Empty… his debut EP we just linked above will leave all electroheaded pursing their lips and nodding in agreement.


Cinematic dark ambient label Cryo Chamber just released a YouTube-only release for Sabled Sun – Signals, a series of space ambient works that portrays signals that the protagonist from the albums 2145 and 2146 finds on his journey to find out what happened to humanity after waking up from hibernation deep sleep to an empty world void of human life. No Bandcamp, no downloads yet.

Not enough music? Not the genres you’re into? Drop us an email with your links & recommendations or post them to the Free Music Monday thread!