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“Visually stimulating, masked and brightly colour co-ordinated, B>E>A>K have been generating anticipation and excitement amongst gig goers up and down the country.” Instrumental no-nonsense beaky postrock from Sunderland. Mark our words: this was made for Mondays.


This one just came in through the unofficial channels: adult film star Sasha Grey sharing her mixes on Soundcloud. Story’s not exactly new, but then again – this one is meant to wake you up and wake you up good. Read more about her DJ’ing endeavours here – by the way, did you know she has a dark ambient project named Pendu?


VoxxoV RecordsNeed some decent compilation of contemporary ambient electronica? Newcomer label VoxxoV released two compilations, one on IDM/electronica, the other one on drone/ambient – the repertoire is quite promising, including names like Nebulo, Fabio Orsi, Access to Arasaka, r.roo, Tapage or Pleq.


We came across this experimental glitch-hop project on the (also free) sampler Frag’mnts released by Enig’matik Records. Straying off the beaten mainstreamy glitch-hop path, they’re quirky, creative and quick to adapt – we’d even recommend their latest EP (not free, though) as one of the great narrative electro releases this year. Sample their debut LP here!


From Enig’matik comes another great free release – Shwek & Mumushu’s Elements of Antiquity brings you a fine mixture of glitchy ambient and some tribalstep. If we still have beats like that pouring out of the interwebs, the world surely doesn’t end this Friday. Or anytime soon. Go grab this baby now!

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