Find Live Music

Your favourite band’s coming to town, you’re so excited – only you find out when tickets are already sold out. You feel like some live music but the bank balance is a bit light so Arctic Monkeys at the O2 is out. You’ve met someone new and want to impress them with your “on it” music knowledge by taking them to a gig – no idea who’s playing or where.

Sound familiar? We know just what you need:

Find Live Music in Your City – 6 Apps

1. Songkick Concerts

Track the bands you want to see on the web or using their mobile app, connect up your profile (see below), iTunes account, Pandora account or use their Spotify app to scan your Spotify Library. Songkick will send you an email to let you know when tickets are about to go on sale for live music events in your area.

nifty extra: Songkick Detour helps you let bands know when want them to play in your City – and if they tour, you’ll be among those with first refusal for tickets.

2. Bandsintown Concerts

Mobile app and facebook connected, along similar lines to songkick but you can calibrate your notifications to include more or less recommended bands based on the ones you’re already tracking.

nifty extra: Their Spotify app features playlists of bands playing each month so you can listen and discover.

3. YPlan

More of a general events ticketing app than specifically focused on live music, it’s all about spontaneous nights out and last-minute tickets. The app features a curated selection of music events and you can buy tickets right from within the app.

nifty extra: YPlan work directly with events organisers to get their events on its platform. So even though you might think something’s sold out…

4. Thrillcall

Currently US only (San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York & Chicago), similarly last-minute, but this time with a focus on live music, Thrillcall is a live event discovery service that provides up-to-the-minute gig listings for the Cities they cover.

nifty extra: Their unique offering is “flash sales” – last-minute, short, sharp windows to get exclusive and last-minute access to your favourite shows.

Find Live Music

5. Timbre

A minimal, infinitely scrollable list of shows in your area or any area you select. The app also lets you star bands as your favourite or create a wishlist of upcoming concerts you want to go to.

nifty extra: You can play music samples directly through the app, and full tracks if you have a Spotify Premium account.

and one you probably know already….


Connect to your other music apps and your iTunes and will track every song you play to build a picture of your music preferences and recommend gigs in your City.

nifty extra: We LOVE their music festival matchmaker. Log in and it’ll give you a compatibility rating for upcoming festivals in your country.

So now you’ve got the concerts side of it down – if it’s gig-buddies you’re after, is the best place on the web, and on Spotify, to find people who share your taste in music and meet fans of your favourite bands. Now there’s no excuse for you to miss out on those gigs.