Three HUGE music festivals happening this weekend – Festival Weekend, you might call it – Latitude, Lovebox & Benicassim…. which one would win a three-way bar fight?

Category: Audience

An intimate 35,000 attendance last year for Latitude, not sure the idyllic Suffolk plains could handle much more…50,000 for Spain’s Benicassim – and a crowd of more than 65,000 over 4 days for London’s Lovebox. We prefer the nimble & strategic over the massive angry mob – so this point goes to Latitude.

Audience: Latitude Wins

Category: Cost

This one’s a toughie as Lovebox is 3 days, the other two are 4. Latitude will set you back a cool £191 for a camping ticket, Lovebox £109 if you go all 3 days and Benicassim will burn a whopping £325-sized hole in your pocket. An extra £82 for overnight stays and extra day of bands??! GET IN. Another one for Latitude.

Cost: Latitude Wins

Category: Pop Score

Hmm….guess the ranking for this one depends on whether you’re a fan of pop/chart music or indie music!

Quite surprised by the results on this one actually – Latitude comes in with a respectable 22 (T in the Park hit 45), Benicassim with 40, likely because of the headliners….and Lovebox has the lowest pop score of the three – at 18!

We’re going for indie gems…so Lovebox gets a point.


Pop Score: Lovebox Wins

Category: Single-to-nonsingle

Clearly the most important category to base your decision to go to a festival on – not bands, not cost, not location – WHAT ARE MY CHANCES OF HOOKING UP?

So…all three of these festivals happen to have the same single-to-nonsingle ratio of band fans… 8:1. May the odds be forever in your favour…

So it’s a tie. Although if you want to put hard numbers on it, more actual single people in a 65,000 Lovebox crowd! Point to Lovebox.

Single-to-Nonsingle: Lovebox Wins

Category: Sunshine

We felt a bit sorry for Benicassim and it’s “nil points”…so we added another category that it’s definitely going to win….average temperature forecast over the 4 days of Benicassim is 33 degrees. The two UK festivals hold their own though, 25 degrees for Latitude and 29 for Lovebox. Leave the brollies at home….but Benicassim wins a point.


Sunshine: Benicassim Wins

Tough to call it between Lovebox and Latitude….BUT Alex is going to Latitude so…





Alex’s top picks below, PLUS alternative choices for the others:


Alex’s tips for LatitudeLoveboxBenicassim
KraftwerkGoldfrappArctic Monkeys
MaccabeesHurtsQueens of the Stone Age
FoalsMS MRPalma Violets
Everything EverythingArt DepartmentEverything Everything!
James BlakeAlunaGeorgeWoodkid
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