Seems to be a lot of love in the air at the moment – music festival romances, summer seduction playlists…and now a new TV series on Channel 4 called “Dates”.

The premise? A series of 6 episodes exploring the intricacies of modern dating through first dates and the interactions of strangers.

The first episode “David and Mia” (delayed 4od catch-up!) featured all-round nice Yorkshireman David (Will Mellor – Hollyoaks, Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps) on his first foray into internet dating.

Hopefully not too much of a spoiler here – after a slight glitch identifying his date – the old “wearing a black dress when you said you’d be wearing a red dress” trick – he meets Londoner Mia, played by Oona Chaplin (Sherlock, Game of Thrones).

At first she comes across as a bit of a snobby cow but as the episode, and their conversation, progresses you realise there’s possibly more to her than steely London sarcasm and cutting insults – a level of insecurity that reveals she’s not as sure of herself as she seems.

The insight into the little white lies littered through personal dating profiles was particularly intriguing…”You know, David is my actual name” he says, high and mightily, before revealing his own little fib…

I’ll stop there to avoid a Game of Thrones-style spoiler-rage scenario (ahem!).

It was pretty much along the lines of a mumblecore film (think In Search of A Midnight Kiss) condensed into 25 minutes – and I’m keen to see whether the other 5 episodes follow the same course…

Music was almost non-existent…up until the end-credits rolled, featuring “CHLOE” by Hannah Peel.

But they have an official playlist which you can listen to here – on top of that, we’ve put together some tracks of our own – a “First Date Soundtrack”.

What are your best first date stories? Any good songs to go with them?