Photo courtesy of Nicola Wood,

The heavily synth driven electronic act Com Truise (stage name of Seth Haley) played at Madame Jo Jo’s on the 29th of November. During this live show Seth Haley was accompanied by a drummer to add to the performance.

At the get go you could tell that Haley is obsessed with 80’s synth sounds and this was easily brought forth by such tracks as Cathode Girls and Sundriped. His heavy synth funk tunes were hypnotic and the drumming was done precisely ala the type of sound that would be heard coming out of a drum machine.

The intricacy of some of his tracks through the layering of his synths was so smooth and stylish. A hell of a live show, the set would go through waves of relaxing and stimulating the crowd. The venue Madame Jo Jo’s in the heart of Soho was the perfect size, the band played in front of red drapes peppered with lights that reflected the backdrop to some kind of night sky.

Photo courtesy of Nicola Wood,

Within the performance Com Truise chose from a selection of tracks from his Cyanide Sisters [EP] and from his full length debut Galactic Melt. Both collections offering tantalizing retro-drenched synth heavy tunes. Com Truise should’ve played in front some kind of projection showcasing the death of a star. An  explosion of a nebula.

At time the gig felt like staring blankly at a retro style GAME OVER screen after getting killed by a boss of some castle venturing video game. But not the static end game screen, something circling around the screen flashing too fast to the point that it might even cause a seizure.

I can’t recall the names of all the tracks that he played during his set but he did an amazing job of flowing all the tracks so well, it was hard to construe when one song was ending and another beginning. During this my mind began to wonder, and in the case of my gig experience I was contemplating how well Com Truise would be able to provide the soundtrack to the Hollywood remake of the 1981 film Escape from New York, what a freaking hilarious idea since the movie was set in  ‘the future’ of 1997′, so when would the remake be set in?

I get the feeling that if this were the case AND the movie wasn’t half bad; John Carpenter would be proud, especially of the score. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, there are too many questions to ask, like who would play Snake Plissken?

Here are some songs I got from Soundcloud that were played during the set, good shit.
Com Truise – Ether Drift

Com Truise – Cathode Girls

Com Truise – Slow Peels