Tastebuds is, after all, about meeting people who share your exquisite taste in music – we’ve added another way to help you do that with this brand spanking new feature.

NEXT UP: Collections

Recent Finds, Guilty Pleasures, Nostalgia for the 90s….or something else – you decide what you want to show off.

Lots of you have already been busy building your own Collections for your profiles – here are some of our favourites from Tastebuds Users so far:

Tastebuds User Collection: Seen Live

Seen Live – A Collection of Artists, by SurrealSerenity

Clearly a huge live music fan, this collection features a whopping 265 artists! For the average 25 year old going to gigs since they were 17, that’s an average of 33 live shows a year!!  And he’s 20.

We’ve already mentioned music, BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! You can also add collections relating to movies – First Date Movies, Favourite 80s Films, If You Haven’t Seen These….Jog On – again, pick your own theme.

Tastebuds User Collection: Cinema Masterpieces

Cinema Masterpieces – A Collection of Movies, by Adelise

A discerning collection here…not just movies she loves, but movies she considers to be Masterpieces, as far reaching as Requiem For A Dream, Fight Club and Let The Right One In. 55 films in this one.

Tastebuds User Collection: Video Game Music

Video Game Music – A Collection of Artists, by LazyRedditor

Specific and specialist knowledge here…36 tracks from video games. What does his taste in music say about him? More than just a music fan….a Gamer?

But it’s not only about what you do like…it’s also about what you don’t like – Musical Turnoffs, I’ll Bring A Book, You’d Have To Pay Me To See These Bands Live…..folks need to know about those too:

Tastebuds User Collection: My Musical Turnoffs

My Musical Turnoffs – A Collection of Artists, by danceontheedge3004

An appearance from good old reliable Nickelback again.

Add Your Own Collections

Visit the profile section of your Tastebuds dashboard and, if you haven’t already, you’ll spot the “COLLECTIONS” section.

Hit ‘[add]’.

to let other Tastebuds Users know what you’re into and why you’re into it.

And here’s one to leave you with….

Tastebuds User Collection: Favourite Bearded Singer-Songwriters

Favourite Bearded Singer-Songwriters – A Collection of Artists, by SeaSew


COMING SOON….Collections for Books.