Ok, here’s the experiment. We asked Tastebuds users how far they’d likely go on a first date. A rather forward question you may feel – but over 400 of them responded.

Answers ranged from “I’d only meet up for a chat” to “I’d go all the way if the mood was right”. We took this anonymous feedback, collated it and then ran it through our discombobulator to find out which fans were the most inclined to jump into bed on a first date.

“Yeah I’ve seen Coldplay seven times now, their lyrics really speak to me…” – Not what you want to hear if you are hoping to bump uglies on the first date

As you may have gathered from our tactful, tasteful headline, Coldplay fans came out as the segment of our users least inclined to jump into bed after a first date. Why is this you ask? Beats us. But next time you’re having inappropriate thoughts it may be wise to save on your water bill and instead of taking a cold shower put on X&Y. Just sayin’.

“Come as you are”

At the other end of the spectrum fans of grunge-rockers Nirvana were the most likely to end up doing the walk of shame the morning after the night before. Now don’t get us wrong – we’re not saying all Nirvana fans are nymphomaniacs, oh no. But on average you’re more likely to get lucky on a first date with someone who’s a big fan of Kurt and co, if that’s what you’re after…

Oasis vs Blur

Oasis vs Blur - The Ultimate Britpop Battle

And finally, at risk of reigniting this age-old britpop rivalry, Blur fans surveyed were 20% more likely to do the mummy-daddy dance than Oasis fans.

So, Blur better than Oasis? The jury’s still out on that one.

Are you a cautious Coldplay fan, or a naughty Nirvana nut? Now you know the score, are you going to tweak your profile? Or maybe we just reminded you of a stash of grunge tapes in the back of your garage. It could be the start of a Seattle-rock revival.

We hope we’ve got you thinking, either way, and we have plenty of singles whatever band you’re into…

And Now For The Science…

We asked our members – “How far would you go on a first date?” giving the three possible answers:

  • I’d only meet up for a chat
  • Perhaps a kiss
  • All the way, if there was chemistry

The question received 408 responses in the space of a week. We looked at the average response for people who were fans of each of’s top 20 most popular artists (week ending Sunday 27th March 2011) and assigned a score of 1 for the first answer, 2 for the second and 3 for the third. The results at time of writing were as follows:

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