Does anyone else think that Björk has the uncanny ability to look mesmerisingly beautiful yet weirdly unappealing at the same time? With the upcoming release of Björk’s 7th album on Monday we thought we’d look back on her chameleon-like tendencies.

We’d hate to see her on a bad hairday

One can never put a label on Björk. The Icelandic songwriter has over the decades created such an eclectic musical image and style. She’s spanned genres, and media forms alike with her ground-breaking music videos. And lets not forget about her unique voice and bizarre hairstyles coupled with her grandiose performances.

We cannot deny that Björk has always attempted to push the boundaries musically, but we should also recognize that her image has always seemed to have paralleled her ever evolving iconic music. Check out some of her more memorable outfits below.

Björk has come a long way since her days with The Sugarcubes – here we find ourselves in 2011 and the Icelandic visionary is still releasing yet another radical album, and of course with all of Björk’s albums there is that level of panache that we oh so expect from our Dancer in the Dark star.

Her latest album – entitled Biophilia – combines musical innovation with themes of science and nature and was produced in collaboration with iPad app designers to create an interactive musical experience. There is no doubt that Björk’s music can seem out-there and strange, but kudos to her for eternally pushing the boundaries of our auditory expectations.

Bjork – Crystalline from Biophilia

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Biophilia is realised on October 10th in the UK, and October 11th in the U.S. For an update on Björk’s latest tour dates check her out on Tastebuds.