Adele might not have had much success with online dating herself, but apparently her fans are having more luck. We recently ran some numbers on our user data, in an attempt to discover whose fans score highest on our Lucky In Love Index. (The Index is calculated by working out which fans have the most replies to their messages, receive the most inbound messages and have their profile viewed most often.) It turns out that Adele fans come out on top.

Here’s an example of one of the data sets we used to come up with this conclusion – the percentage chance fans receive a message on the site:

The artists examined are the Top 20 artists for week ending Sunday 12 June 2011
x-axis shows %age chance a user receives a message

According to our research, Adele fans are 20% more likely to receive an incoming message on than the average user – they have a 57% chance of receiving a message from someone else.

When you look at how many times users are favourited, you see that Adele comes out on top there too, alongside Kings of Leon and The Strokes.

But once we’ve mashed all the relevant numbers together, it’s Adele who comes out winning overall.

You’re 50% more likely to get chatted up if you’re into Adele than if your favourite act is Metallica. Obviously, this isn’t great news for metal lovers, one of whom can be seen weeping at our findings in the picture to the left.

Why could this be? Perhaps it’s because Adele fans are likely to be female and chattier? Perhaps they’re just open, friendlier people. All that wallowing in feelings does make people loquacious, after all.

Whatever it is, if you’re a user looking for “Someone Like You”, the evidence is clear: whack Adele on your profile! Otherwise, you might find you’re given the “Cold Shoulder”

(One word of warning for those fishing for an Adele fan, though. If this Guardian story is anything to go by, she might not be too happy putting her hand in her own pocket. So come prepared to buy a few dinners…)

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