The new Nine Inch Nails album is coming out sometime this year on Columbia Records, as stated by Rolling Stone and we really need to distract ourselves with more Nine Inch Nails from the woes and wraths of waiting. So we bring you – the most wicked NIN remixes and mashups that the internetns threw at our faces!

“I’ve been less than honest about what I’ve really been up to lately […] For the last year, I’ve been secretly working non-stop with Atticus Ross and Alan Moulder on a new, full-length Nine Inch Nails record, which I am happy to say is finished and frankly fucking great.”


Disturbing, really, Trent Reznor full-on rickrolled by a cheesy pop song but here’s the thing – it’s catchier than you’d ever imagine and by the time you consciously realize it – it’s been on repeat for an hour and you start enjoying it with all your heart. So just be careful – you might want to scroll further down.


Sacrilege and blasphemy! Closer is something of a kink anthem and Super Mario just kicks that whole sentiment into the bin and turns this into a chirpy lukewarm slosh of latex and mushroom. I say CRANK IT UP!


Closer was quite a tense & dense piece of work and this Beatles mashup just turns it into a headcrab of greater intensity. Nothing weirder when the Fab Four kindly invites all of us to a Reznorian orgy.


Now we’re talking! A proper bass-heavy full-on psytrance attack, turning NIN into the time bomb that it is. Perfect floorfiller.


This mashup of NIN/Prodigy brings out the warbling, evil gnome punk in all of us, shouting at the fire, playing air guitar.


However overplayed Give It Away and Closer are, this mashup just amplifies the energies and fuses into an ARTIFACT OF ROCK. Also great on repeat for those headphone-compatible office jobs.


This unexpected foursome medley will probably appeal A LOT to the electro/ambient crowd and to the dubstep tribe as well – definitely a chillout pond.


Minimal post-punk darkness melds Joy Division and Nine Inch Nails together into an unlikely hybrid of shoe-gazing, cigarette-butt-eating wave of angst. Perfect. Just perfect.

Maynard James Keenan (of Tool and A Perfect Circle) and Trent Reznor on the same track? That should give you a proper hard-on. Regardless of biological and mental gender. That’s all we wanted to say about this track.

Do you have more NIN-related remixes and mashups on your iPods or playlists you want to share? Put it in the comments below or post it to this forum thread on!