G-Dragon is one of the eight craziest K-Pop artists: check out his amazing quality music video Crayon!

Our crazy Japanese music video compilation was just the tip of the iceberg – we’re now giving you a new one based on Korean pop music! Compiled by one of our community members, K-Pop DJ Fuxy!

@Fuxy sent us this compilation of wacky K-pop music videos with love and a notice – saying Korean pop culture is far less weird than their Japanese counterparts, so if you expected the same amount of wide-eyed WTFs… just please hold your horses. Don’t go sadface.jpg, though – it’s K-Pop that produced YouTube’s most-watched video of all time!

Thanks for the compilation of craziness, Fuxy – YOU ROCK!


We hope it’s serious because for a joke this is just way too bad. Itaewon Freedom is sheer hardcore eighties pop, something like a mixture of `Akira` and `Grease`, being a parody of a parody of a…


Youtube’s most watched video comes from K-Pop culture and PSY’s Gangnam Style will obviously remain a placeholder of gorgeous, mildly unintelligible horsejokery. It’s crazy in volume, strength and style – what’s not to love?


Still trying to come to terms about why a mega successful boy band wound want to illustrate their music with a blend of a cross-dresser love story, a violent crossroom fight and something of a Pop-Up Pirate cosplay game.. AND Fuxy tells us that Japanese music videos are much weirder than Korean ones on average? Please.


A medley of a courtroom trial, a murder and a song about chicken curry in a sauce of superficially ethnic WTF? With traces of a chef in it. Please make this stop.


Okay, let me try to recap this: Seoul hotboy G-Dragon does an extremely poor imitation of Joker, hangs out with toy robots in the middle of something that looks like HDR photography on a bad weekend. It’s so pop art and so full of swag we have to admit we like this a lot.


10 `Aing` by Orange Caramel is exactly how Grimm’s tales would feel like in a floating tank with LSD.
20 if without LSD goto 10
30 sry


You thought boyband members have at least a bit of masculinity in them? Well. Check out `Candy` and bury that sentiment real deep. Also, this is the cheesiest and their most colourful music video, so it’s essentially a tongue-in-cheek parody of themselves. Yes, we’re just trying to be nice to them.


We are really, really sorry about this. Disco beats probably come from the same love as every other thing in the universe, but our brains decided to go for a sudden amok run to the Mariana depths.

See you later.