We went fishing for the wackiest music videos we could find on the webs of the inter and returned with bucketfuls of weirdness – all from Japan for this post alone! We implore you to give these a watch while we’re tackling the impossible and drag down our tolerance to a level of approximate normality. Just to drop down into the pits of WTF once again!


Note: for all of you who care, Jpop projects provided us with an endless streak of immaculate but incomprehensible eyecandy, whereas a huge number of visual kei contestants fell out during our selection process, as they were more eyecandy than WTF. If you’re still interested in the runner-ups, give Dir En Grey’s `Obscure` or Psycho Le Cému’s `Gekiai Merry-Go-Round` a go.


Our first contestant, `Aiin Dance No Uta` by MINIMONI is a mindbender both in visuals and the band concept – Minimoni is a sideproject of legendary Japanese teen girl idol pop group Morning Musume, listing members who are not taller than 1.5 meters. Co-starring in this music video is Japanese comedian Ken Shimura who also coined the word Aiin that appears in the title – a nonsensical word used for comic effect.


We’ve already mentioned visual kei – a rock-oriented umbrella term focusing more on the looks than the actual music. Visual kei band Kiryu (often dark in their visuals and mood) has an alter-ego band MY DRAGON – their first music video `Nijigen Complex` went all the way into our list of the weirdest stuff we can find with its assortment of characters from the stories of Andersen and Grimm.


Kusanagi Tsuyoshi of the boy band SMAP is behind this parody on a Chinese pop song – his version entitled `Sekai ni hitotsu dake no naha` is a hadouken of crack-up!


`Yatta` (done! did it!) is another parody song of the fictional boy band GREEN LEAVES, turning loads of pop music video clichés into laughingstock. Apart from all its lols, the single just turned triple platinum in a matter of weeks.


How about some good old-fashioned grindcore? Japan has their answer to UK’s own household brain nullifier Napalm Death – MARUOSA‘s second single doesn’t just rip your brain to shreds, it also ended up on our list of I don’t know what I’ve just seen but my life just ain’t the same anymore.


Just as My Dragon was a side project of Karyu, SENDAI KAMOTSU also shows a funnier side to Japanese shock-rocker project Nightmare. `Zekkomon` will warp your expectation of a standard samurai story and be thankful to us we didn’t show you the music video where Chiba (the lead singer) turns himself into a cymbal stand. We don’t have to. They vibrate with the pure frequency of WTF.


You can’t prepare a list of wacky Japanese music videos without mentioning one of the latest (and cutest) newcomers to the pack – fashion blogger (Caroline Charonplop) KYARY PAMYU PAMYU, whose first single `Ponponpon` is already 50 million views strong and is probably the best visual approximation of how your brain feels like when LSD just goes incompatible with your brain. Problem is, this track is so cheesy, you won’t be able to rip it out from your canals. Ear canals, we mean.

Do you have wackier music videos in your treasure box of forgotten WTF? Share it with us in the Craziest Music Videos thread or drop a mail to Damage!