Did you know that the Ukrainian language is one of the most melodic languages in the world? No wonder there are many great musicians and bands from Ukraine! It seems like singing and playing music are as simple as breathing for them. Have no idea who they are? Let’s fix it! In this post you’ll find six Ukrainian artists who have won the MTV Europe Music Award for Best Ukrainian Act.

This article has been submitted to us by Dartsya Tarkovska – a music coach and blogger from Ukraine, author of Tarkovska Music Case project. She works in a sphere of music marketing and collaborates with many artists and bands doing Social Media Magic and promoting their music across the Internet.

2012 – Alloise

Alloise used to sing in the supergroup Gorchitza for several years before starting her solo career. Her singing is infused with classical blues motives and a charming mix of modern Eastern European dancing styles. Alloise prefers English lyrics and is very beloved among intellectuals. She had performances on one stage with Morcheeba, Faithless, Nelly Furtado and many others.

2011 – Sirena

Sirena is a pop-rock girl band. They started their career with the help of rock band Green Grey (see below). Achievements? Lots of live concerts, awards for their debut video, opening performances for Lenny Kravitz, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Sonique. Although the band is dormant now, Sophee (vocals), Lenka (bass) and Shamala (keyboards) left a very bright trace in the Ukrainian showbusiness.

2010 – Max Barskih

Max Barskih made his debut performance on the Ukrainian talent show “Star Factory 2“. His bad-boy image became very popular among young kids. Throughout his career, Barskih has worked closely with the most popular Ukrainian director Alan Badoev. Max is only 23, but he already released more than 15 singles, 3 albums and keeps on showing new aspects of his talent. His new song “By Freud“(“Po Freidy”) opened a new era in his music career.

2009 – Green Grey

Rock band Green Grey was formed in 1992 and today they’re one of the most well known and influential bands in Ukraine. They’re open-minded musicians with their own unmistakeable sound who managed to shock Ukrainian music lovers in the 90’s. Most of their singles became ultimate hits. Feeling the advantages of success, Green Grey started investing more time into supporting young musicians – by organizing music festivals, jam sessions and much more!

2008 – Quest Pistols

These hilarious guys from Quest Pistols started singing because of… April Fools’ Day! Three guys from the dance show “Quest Ballet” played a little prank by performing a cover song on the most popular TV show – and they had a great success! Today their trio successfully keeps on touring and releasing new songs. They found a way to combine pop music and dance and do it well.

2007 – Lama

Lama calls themselves a pop-rock band although they’re mostly wellknown by their frontwoman Natalia Dzenkiv. In 2006 Lama appeared on radio and TV and became very popular with the first single “Meni tak treba” (I Need So). Natalia is Ukrainian but she is a great admirer of Eastern philosophy. That’s why one of the main elements of Lama’s image is a bindi – a forehead decoration worn in South Asia. Lama easily finds fans across Ukraine because of touching lyrics and catchy vocals.

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