What do you do on Tastebuds after reading all your messages, relevant forum threads, checking out the people you like and reading up on our blog? Fiddle away with settings so that you could really tweak the experience into endless fun!

  • WHO LIKES YOU? We’ve gathered all the good-to-know information about your life at Tastebuds in the top navigation bar, right under your avatar, such as, who liked you? You can also re-read the list of people you liked or who visited your profile. Why not drop them a message and say hi?
  • GO COUNTRY-SPECIFIC! There could be a hundred different reasons as to why you would only want to talk to users from your own country – and we have a solution for you on the Privacy Settings page. Set it to Yes – and now only users from your country can talk to you. You’ll still be able to send messages to people outside your country, as long as they haven’t enabled their filter too.
  • USE OUR AGE FILTER! There’s a chance that you want to talk to your own generation and not those who are a lot older or younger than you and yes, we’ve thought about that too! You just have to visit your Privacy Settings page and give a minimum and maximum age to the people who can contact you. Bam! Done! (If you want to talk to someone who’s out of that age range, just be sure to send him/her a message first and they can get back to you after that if they want to.)
  • GO GLOBAL! What if you want to see all the wonderful users who like your favourite band in the whole wide world? Yes, there’s a trick that we’ve been dropping info about here and there – pick Worldwide from the country list on our Search page and lo! behold!
  • MAKE THEM DISAPPEAR! What can you do to people to make them go away? Disintegration ray, for one. If it just ran out of juice, we have blocking, ignoring and flagging for you. If you block/ignore someone, you won’t see that person, you won’t be able to talk them and you can’t even bring them back from the dead. You have to send Alex or themire a message to unblock that person for you, because they have restorative powers, too. If you flag someone, red lights go out in our offices and we unsheath our swords and guns and things. So if someone really bothers you, you know what to do!
  • NEW SEARCH RESULTS PAGE! Just type something in the search input box on the top of the page and take a look at how we’ve compiled your search results including users, bands, events and forum messages. Feeling bored? Search for simple words like horse, meat, sun or sky!