If you are a musician, you probably know how much effort it takes to get your music noticed. You’ve got a lot of things to do, including managing and promoting your band or music project. And as for the Internet – there are so many possibilities and sometimes you just don’t know which one to choose first. How to promote your new song on the web efficiently? The answer is… use video! It’s clearly one of the most popular type of content. Let’s have a look what kind of videos you can use to promote your new song.

This article has been submitted to us by Dartsya Tarkovska – a music coach and blogger from Ukraine, author of Tarkovska Music Case project. She works in a sphere of music marketing and collaborates with many artists and bands doing Social Media Magic and promoting their music across the Internet.



    OK, that’s the most obvious type of video for music business. But we simply couldn’t leave this out! 🙂


    This type of video became very popular in the past few years. A lot of people just can’t take their eyes off the lyrics synched to the music. It’s a really nice way to present a song without shooting an actual video.


    Perhaps it’s the easiest kind of video to make. The viewers focus their attention to the song only and a static picture is very easy to add to the music – so you can upload your new video to Youtube instantly. Not too catchy? Maybe not, but at least your music can be found on this website!


    Not a clip, not a static picture, but still a video! Sometimes abstract video sequences can tell a lot more then words. Another advantage of this kind of video – you can use it during your gigs!


    Many famous artists play their new songs for the first time on big events. But as long as you can’t sing your new song at the Grammys, there’s still a chance to present it decently. How about playing it on your next big gig or online concert and simply record it?


Are there only five types of videos? Of course not, there are lots of others! For example you can create an animation music video (AMV) that consists of clips from animations that fit your song, just like this. Yes, it’s usually fan-made but… you never know! Another idea – use Audiosurf, a music-adapting puzzle racer where you use your own music to create your experience. Sounds quite confusing, but in fact it can be really helpful!

The main point is – use your imagination! Creating videos to promote your music might be much easier and funnier than you think!


Aaaaand….a final video just for inspiration! Do you know how Robbie Williams promoted one of his new songs? He simply sang it to various people from chatroulette and recorded this. Isn’t so hard, is it?